Vaping Is So Hot Right Now

Published on October 7, 2015

Since the long-term effects of e-cigarettes are still unknown, there’s absolutely no reason to not market it to young people.

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  • ChuckNorris 5 years ago


  • Rich Sweeney 5 years ago

    I prefer my vape to taste like OG Kush, not candy.

  • Tiffany Peak 5 years ago

    I prefer my eliquid to be vanilla graham cracker. Plus I’ve been vaping for
    3+ years and I feel better than I did when I was smoking. I’ve even cut out
    the nicotine.

  • castello west 5 years ago

    Stephen, they help millions stop smoking!

  • ShadowBomber 5 years ago

    I was a smoker for 10 years… I decided to vape.. I vaped for exactly 1
    year.. I quit vaping. I neither smoke or vape thanks to vaping. I’d take my
    chances on the 5 ingredients in eliquid than I had the 4000 chemicals in a

  • sweetcore 5 years ago

    I tried to get my dad to vape a few years ago, bought him the thing and a
    few flavors. He gave up and went back to cigarettes in like a week 🙁 I
    will have to try again, especially now that my mom has started smoking

  • Joel Cox 5 years ago

    Is it me or does vape sound dirty

  • Jay Webb 5 years ago

    This guy lost some respect from me. Puppet…

  • Colbert Vape Report 5 years ago

    Its not his views, its the people with the moneys’ views. Big Tobacco.

  • dominador2nd 5 years ago

    Vaping saved my life and I can’t say that about too many things. Please
    read more studies to further educate yourself before saying more. The UK is
    supporting vaping to the point that they want to prescribe it as a smoking
    cessation device.

  • Lord Trumpenstein 5 years ago

    “Vaping” sounds like a weird sexual vacuum fetish.

  • snapshotdod 5 years ago

    Comparing it to alcohol is a crap interpretation. Have to smoked? Replacing
    smoking with vaping is one of the best things I have done. While I don’t
    know the long term effects, I know its been a lot easier for me to reduce
    my nicotine intake from vaping that from smoking. And yes, now that my
    taste buds have been returned to me, I prefer to vape things thats taste
    good to me like chocolate. Better off hunting down snickers and telling
    them not to advertise because a larger portion of the country is obese and
    dying of heat disease. I’ll take my chance on the unknown for now since
    I’ve quit cigarettes and am working on quitting vaping which I have found
    much easier to reduce over time that smokes. #comefromthesameplace.

  • SLASHofGAMING 5 years ago

    Lol why are you guys all getting mad, jesus you people are sensitive.

  • bunnyblurrz 5 years ago

    “could be cancer, could be laser vision.” I love Stephen.

  • Florence MacKenna 5 years ago

    You kids and your vaping tobacco. I don’t care if its smoked or vaped, that
    tobacco shit will kill ya.

    Now, weed, that’s the stuff.

  • MabitzaRitchie 5 years ago

    My Dad smoked for 20 years, he decided to give up and made the switch to
    vaping. 2 months later he was hit and killed by a truck. Coincidence? I
    dont think so.

  • I Am Jacks Username 5 years ago

    Illegalize Tobacco cigarettes!

  • tfcooks 5 years ago

    I’m 51 years old and started smoking when I was 14. I tried many times to
    quit and kept going back to smoking. I tried e-cigs 2.5 years ago and
    haven’t had a cigarette since. Vaping isn’t about being hip or trendy it’s
    about saving lives. Cigarette smoke contains thousands of harmful
    chemicals. Vapor from e-cigs has very few components and none have been
    proven to cause ill health effects. Please dont undervalue one of the most
    powerful life saving technologies available. Vaping can save millions of
    lives and should not be trivialised.

  • Dx Flash 5 years ago

    To defend vaping under any circumstances because it helps people quit
    smoking is like saying that all the people should start taking methadone
    because it helps heroin users to quit doing heroin

  • Distracted Observer 5 years ago

    If it’s not E-cigs, It’s weed…
    If it’s not weed, It’s dabs…
    If it’s not dabs, It’s huffing gas fumes…
    If it’s not huffing gas fumes, It’s letting a cat piss in your face…

    When will these kids learn all you need to get high on is LIFE!

  • Sanchan 5 years ago

    “This guy lost some respect from me. Puppet…”
    – Some Commenter
    lo-fucking-l. So many close-minded people these days. Anyways, legalize
    marijuana already so I can finally have an excuse to be cool. (Note: I
    never smoked/drank alcohol before and am for legalizing marijuana since it
    clearly has no negative side affects unlike alcohol and cigarettes. Well…
    maybe it makes you more hungry.. is what I hear a lot)

  • Jennifer Day 5 years ago

    Vaping is 95% safer than cigarettes. It’s a proven fact. So please don’t
    make fun of how we are quitting smoking!

  • JamJam 5 years ago

    Since the start of Stephen Colbert show Fallon, kimmel & Conan’s show seem
    so boring.

  • Jessica Strike 5 years ago

    That commercial was great, I need to like, vape right now!

  • brook brooks 5 years ago

    well you pissed off the vape community which is actually a huge chunk of
    your demographic

    I guess you’d rather have people smoke cigarettes?

  • Diego Von 5 years ago

    Clearly misinformed. I’ll take my 4 safe ingredients in the juice and box
    mods over the 100+ known carcinogens in cigarettes. If he truly wanted to
    act as a role model, he wouldn’t present vaping in such a terrible light.

  • Tom Johnson Jr. 5 years ago

    Hmmm… Maybe Stephen should have a talk with some people from (
    or some of the other notable vaping advocacy groups, like the American
    Vaping Association (… I’m sure Greg Conley would be an
    interesting guest.

  • 138NastyNate 5 years ago

    The writers at CBS should really get the facts before they start spreading
    miss information. You all just made yourselves look like giant asses to 10%
    of the adult population.

  • ivanover 5 years ago

    from 2 packs a day to zero, using e-cigs. Colbert this time you missed the
    point big time.

  • Christian Abcede 5 years ago

    Both my grandparents smoked like a chimney ever since they were teenagers
    and lived through their mid-80s. A friend of mine started smoking at 16 and
    had lung cancer by 20. I geniunely believe that it really depends on your
    body if you can handle smoking cigarettes for the long haul. You could have
    cancer early in your 20s-50s or maybe you could still live through to your
    60s and 70s. The question really is, are you willing to take that risk?

  • Great Joke 5 years ago

    Can we not all share our dumb little stories about how the item in
    questions changed your life? “I was a smoker for 67 years and I started
    vaping 3 minutes ago and haven’t touched a cigarette since”. That’s you,
    that’s what you sound like, you sound very silly.

  • Pancakes23 5 years ago

    welp we know who big tobacco has in their pocket

  • paulsdigz 5 years ago

    I smoked for 35 years before finding Vaping five months ago. I have not
    smoked since and feel better and healthier every day. There is a ton of
    research that shows that Vaping is at least 95% healthier than burning
    tobacco products. I am not a vendor or affiliated with big tobacco and
    would highly recommend Vaping to anyone who is still smoking. Smoking
    would have cancelled me Stephen! Wrinkle free lungs FTW! :)

  • Daeva83B 5 years ago

    i’ve smoked for 16 years, started vaping a couple of months ago. Started
    out with 12mg of nicotine and now dropped the nicotine to 3mg. And perhaps
    i stop one day, i couldn’t do this without vaping

    I feel better now, then when i smoked. Got nothing more to add. It works
    for me.

  • Spencer Owen 5 years ago

    I’m all for people quitting tobacco products, but you bet your olives that
    10 years from now there will be substantial research out there that proves
    vaping is horrible for you.

  • Sixth Element Studios 5 years ago

    Another video built to fish for clicks. This has been happening from E
    Cigarettes to Youtubers not being real performers. I don’t take this
    lightly though don’t even think that for a second.

    With multiple tests done for E Cigarette use and the potential for long
    term effects of quality of health being , and having already been done,
    this is not credible. They may want to talk to the writers on this one
    because no research was actually done other than for the sake of comedic
    slander against small business owners and the gross underestimation of the
    current self regulations of this industry as a whole.

    Again shock value and sub culture hate is a literal marketing scheme to get
    more views and clicks. Goodness knows they can’t get enough money for their
    regular show anymore seeing as they are losing out to the internet as a
    whole so they have to fish for ad money the only way they know how. Good
    job guys follow that trend that should be your story not this one which
    solely depended upon the editors incompetence to realize the backlash could
    lead to worse things than: well bad comments but at least we got your click
    money and some time in the spotlight. Just wait when traditional television
    finally can’t support itself you will be looking at the raw end of the
    stick because you have been burning its subcultures for scraps.

    Maybe hire some credible writers such as myself so you can have real
    stories to make fun of rather than fictitious ones that are landing you in
    hot water.

  • Clint Maas 5 years ago

    I guess he just looks at media outlets and doesn’t look into the facts.
    He’s a comedian but probably the last show I’ll see of his.

  • DeftonesFan867 5 years ago

    I quit cold turkey. If vaping saved your life good for you, but there’s
    kids out there vaping who’ve never smoked a day in their life.

  • AZMetalGuitarist 5 years ago

    This isn’t the first time a pioneering technology has been belittled. They,
    (as in the media such as Cracked, Forbes, the N.E.J.M., and government’s
    “wisdom”) can poke all the fun and speculate all the danger they want. At
    the end of the day, results are real, lives are changed, and people are
    saved. Death to tobacco, and long live vaping.

  • Mark Cranshaw 5 years ago

    I think he’s gay

  • Ed Morgan 5 years ago

    I walked away from a two pack a day, 15 year smoking habit overnight thanks
    to vaping. When I hear idiots like Stephen Colbert put it down because they
    haven’t taken the time to understand it, it makes me sick. The ingredients
    in eliquid are simple, compared to the thousands of deadly chemicals in
    cigarettes. They have done studies on the effects of vaping, Mr. Colbert.
    They continue to show vaping is 95% safer than smoking. So wake up and stop
    buying into the lies of the anti-vaping groups. Ecigs saves lives and it
    saved mine!

  • homegrownbuddy 5 years ago

    3 million people die each year from tobacco. Nobody dies from vaping.
    Vaping saves lives and will eradicate cancer. For decades people have been
    trying to get people to stop smoking, now there is something that is making
    those wishes come true. Vaping saves lives!

  • Amy Kazama 5 years ago

    People are saying that vaping helped them quit smoking. That’s great and
    all, but being offended by Stephen criticizing the advertisement of vaping
    for young people as if it’s something good makes no freaking sense. They’re
    advertising it like it’s something good and that teens/young adults should
    do and you’re offended by it? No one told you to start smoking in the first
    place either.

  • Bit Crusher 5 years ago

    Vaping helped me quit smoking cigarettes after 10 years of a pack a day.
    I’m almost to the point where I feel comfortable giving up vaping too. This
    stuff can save lives. Don’t ignore the possibilities.

  • agoldenrose 5 years ago

    Smoked for over 25 years from Marlboros to Newports 12 mgs and higher. Had
    a stroke, had other health issues for which I had surgery, the health issue
    recurred several years later and I still could not stop smoking even though
    it could, would kill me due to my health condition. Vaping was the only
    thing that helped me successfully transition off combustible tobacco. I am
    almost two years cigarette free and down to almost 0mgs in nicotine. You
    making fun of this as a public figure along with the false information
    pumped out there with Big Tobacco and Big Pharma trying to keep people
    addicted and sick to line their coffers, you should be ashamed of helping
    them in this tear down of a viable, healthier alternative to tobacco which
    could eventually lead to bring completely nicotine free. Lost my respect.

  • poppaDehorn 5 years ago

    vaping is fun. i’ve never smoke cigarettes so i dont need nicotine. i buy
    juice with no nicotine. i just like it for the flavor and clouds. just dont
    buy the mass market ecigs that are made by big tobacco. they still put
    dangerous chemicals in them just like cigarettes. go online or to a smoke
    shop and spend $30-$100 on a legit vape that you can recharge and refill
    and get some quality juice. have fun.

  • SootOnTheICe 5 years ago

    Reel in the fucking rhetoric. “Poison steam”, really? Advertising to
    children and young adults should obviously be illegal, in my own humble
    opinion all advertisement should be illegal, but vaping is not what you
    make it out to be. There are insanely many different flavors because you
    can essentially imbue the basic e-liquid with whatever essences you want
    and of course that’s going to include some sweet flavors. It’s not like
    sweet flavors are only for children or young folk. I don’t know anybody who
    likes sweets more than my grandma. Yes, long-term effects are unknown but
    most studies do point towards them being much, much better than actual
    tobacco. The problem is that since the liquids can be imbued with almost
    anything, there can be some e-liquids that are dangerous to vape and others
    which are not. All of this should naturally be well-regulated, so that new
    flavors are tested before they are put on the market. There are already
    known instances where certain e-liquids actually cracked the containers
    they were in, when heated. It’s obviously unacceptable that such products
    reach the market.
    But for anything said against vaping, just always keep in mind how many
    people it has helped. It would be ludicrous to waste such an opportunity to
    combat smoking.

  • Patrick Michael Agustin 5 years ago

    116 are vaping hipsters

  • MrGhettoblastin 5 years ago

    Should have realized Colbert was a shill for the tobacco companies and big

  • Happiness Bunny 5 years ago

    118 butt hurt vapers

  • Daniel Rowley 5 years ago

    I smoked for 4 years, I started vaping for 2 then quit completely.

  • sems1193 5 years ago

    I can understand those who vape as a remedy to quit smoking, but those who
    don’t at all…why??

  • Kentdotk 5 years ago

    As a former smoker who quit using e cigs I find your misinformed jokes
    calling a safer alternative to tobacco “poisonous steam” disturbing and
    shameful. If you had done any research you would have found that recent
    studies now have 10 year data and that it’s showing that aping is ORDERS OF
    MAGNITUDE SAFER THAN TOBACCO. I guess I’ll stick to watching Conan and
    Jimmy Fallon.
    If even one person hears your misinformed joke about vaping and decides to
    keep smoking you should be ashamed of yourself, you just helped keep them
    from trying a healthier alternative that could help lengthen their life and
    improve the lives of those around them.

  • Joshua Ungerleider 5 years ago

    I like how when he moved from Comedy Central, he stopped actually learning
    about the stuff he talks about.

    Anyway, got to throw out my cell phone now, unknown long term affects and

  • Nick Stoeberl 5 years ago

    Long-term effects unknown.

  • capt pop 5 years ago

    A very naive segment.

  • James Baker 5 years ago

    Been tobacco free for 6 months thanks to vaping. I feel 1,000 times
    healthier and while there isn’t concrete evidence about health risks, I’m
    glad I switched everyday. By the way any company who’s advertising seems
    questionable is almost immediately sought out and exposed so they can
    either fix it or not be in business anymore. It’s a legit way to get of the
    “cancer sticks” and a much healthier alternative.

  • Mustard Scroll 5 years ago

    Ah, it seems like history is repeating itself. Sure, maybe vaping isn’t as
    unhealthy as smoking, but it’s still unhealthy. What’s worse is that young
    kids now think it’s okay to smoke because it’s ostensibly safer than it was

  • adamcastelsay 5 years ago

    I call people who cape but never smoked “vapists”

  • Caboozles 5 years ago

    I thought smokers were the most defensive people on the planet.
    I was wrong, I guess it’s vapers.

  • Butch Jones 5 years ago

    uninformed and ignorant

  • bluetextonwhitebg 5 years ago

    i love stephen, but this is absolute horseshit and his team of writers need
    to do better research before spreading propaganda like this. the center for
    disease control (cdc) announced *months* ago that vaping is *95% safer than

  • Julio Montoya 5 years ago

    oh Stephen I love you I really do but you are dead wrong. vaping is not a
    trend it is a harm reduction system that helps smokers quite cigarettes.
    you are right we don’t know the longterm health affects but every vaper can
    tell you the short term benefits. I’m 20 about a year ago I started smoking
    cigarettes I smoked 6 and I could feel the negative effects I couldn’t
    breath, I have been playing saxophone for 7 years and I couldn’t play I was
    out of wind. so I decided that maybe vaping would be better for me and I
    was I was breathing just as good as before I started vaping it didn’t taste
    like poop

  • PENZ Studios 5 years ago

    Very disappointed by this. I’ve been a longtime fan of Colbert. Love his
    show, love his style, very humorous but also informative. However, this is
    a big screw-up. I understand satire. I love satire, but I think this was
    wrong. This bit was just like any other anti-vaping segment I’ve seen on
    the TV or the internet. The thing that kills me the most about it…is the
    knocking of a method to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes. A KNOWN method. So
    many people have finally been able to quit smoking due to vaping. Until
    vaping came around, I’ve never heard of a 50-60yr plus smoker being able to
    quit. Patches, gum, cold turkey, that stuff doesn’t have the success rate,
    it’s nowhere near as effective as vaping. I smoked for 10 years, at least a
    pack a day. I’ve tried every method to try and quit. Nothing worked. Except
    for vaping.
    I’m disappointed that this segment attacked the industry, even if it was
    satirical. Vaping, first and foremost, is a method to quit smoking. and it
    works. Why work so hard (I mean collectively, the general public is against
    it) to get rid of an effective means to finally quit smoking? For good.

    There have been studies. All that goes into it is a little research, stop
    immediately believing the media. It’s been proven that second hand vapor is
    no different than the air that is already present. There is no tobacco,
    tar, combustion, 4000 chemicals, among many other things.

    I can run now. My lungs have greatly improved as well as my sense of taste
    and smell.

    This sucks, to see someone I respect put something like this up, without
    thinking objectively about it. A news organization no less. This is no
    different than the mainstream media.

    Shame on you, Colbert, and staff.

  • Fret Millen 5 years ago

    America is full of garbage and trash, Americans jst eat it up

  • George Richards 5 years ago

    how dare they make flavors that appeal to kids!!! you can’t make kids
    flavors in adult things..oh wait..they have been doing that for years, go
    take a stroll through the vodca aisle Colbert!

  • Harry Papatheocharous 5 years ago

    Hey Mr. Colbert, here’s an idea for you! If you are not properly informed
    about something, maybe don’t talk about it on your show? I have lost so
    much respect for you since i watched this. Some of your points were ok, but
    on the most part you failed on this topic.

  • mroppossum1991 5 years ago

    I saw a dude vaping at the checkout line in Walmart the other day.

  • Andrew Werdna 5 years ago

    Fuck off Colbert… You’ve always been shit. Now you’re on network
    television and… You’re EVEN SHITTIER! Now you’re a shill for Big Tobacco.
    John Oliver shits all over you. Always has, always will. Fuck off.

  • Andrew Werdna 5 years ago

    God… Airball after airball… So incredibly unfunny. Almost worse than

  • 84chevypickup 5 years ago

    kill yourself, everyone.. lets all vape

  • Jerry Smith 5 years ago

    They always point out flavors like cotton candy and skittles as proof that
    e-cigs are being marketed toward kids. Is there some memo I missed that
    says once you become an adult you are supposed to stop liking things that
    are sweet? I’m 33 years old and I’m enjoying the hell out of this cinnamin
    toast crunch vape. You know what I’m not enjoying? Smoking cigarettes.
    Because, thanks to vaping, I’m closing in on 2 years cigarette free.

  • JH623 5 years ago

    this guy’s a moron. the crap he said is false. you don’t understand it, do
    your research before bashing a healthier alternative.

  • chewchewboy 5 years ago

    Disregarding the skepticism regarding the safety of vaping, it has had such
    a positive impact on my life. For me vaping is a hobby. Building coils,
    mixing juice. It’s an icebreaker to start conversations and get to know
    people. Some people skydive, drink, do metalworking. Are these hobbies all
    safe? I don’t really want such excessive protection from the government for
    something that has such a great influence on the quality of my life, both
    physically and mentally. Vape gear should be 18+ to buy, we need childproof
    caps to be required, and maybe other requirements. The problem is that
    vaporizers get grouped in with existing tobacco laws and the people
    ‘writing’ the laws can call it a day. (PS that commercial was pretty
    cringe-worthy though)

  • The Harlem Shakers 5 years ago

    we get it. you vape. smdh


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