Van Jones On George Floyd, Police Brutality, & What Comes Next – CONAN on TBS

Published on June 1, 2020

Van Jones shares his anguish about the killing of George Floyd, policy that could help fight systemic racism, and thoughts on where we can go from here.

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  • Jay Smith 1 month ago

    CNN is more responsible for this then the pig’s are that’s why they were trying to burn down CNN

  • Lustrous Pinetree 1 month ago

    Appreciate this!!!

  • Ricky G Bluesman 1 month ago

    We call it our Justice System, but we have a system of law..not real Justice. Follow the law..its the best we can do now

  • 1st lady of the american theatre 1 month ago


  • Shalne 1 month ago

    loved it

  • Douglas Jones 1 month ago

    Thank you for this video,

  • dustin westmoreland 1 month ago

    The egregious act that was committed on this man should have nothing to do with republicans or democrats or anything like that. it is a tragedy and we all as people should be angry that it happened to another person. I don’t usually comment on platforms like this but I don’t understand why there are so many differences of opinion. A man was killed for a ridiculous reason and as human beings we should all be outraged.

  • Bam Bam 1 month ago

    We need a civil war. MeriKKKa 🔥🇺🇸🔥🇺🇸🔥🇺🇸🔥 heil trump

  • Gixxer 667 1 month ago

    Wow all this commotion over someone using counterfeit money , how pathetic are “you people “ to care about this piece of garbage , You know the old saying , he’s black so Just assume is guilty of something he got away with before .

  • Kathleen Rasing 1 month ago

    That’s exactly what I said!! For a $20 counterfeit ugh. So inhumane, justice for Floyd ✊✊✊

  • Frank Arrietta 1 month ago

    Van Jones:

    “Even the most liberal, well-intentioned white person has a virus in his or her brain that can be activated at an instant.”

  • Clayton Fry 1 month ago

    Minute 12 about. People can’t claim ignorance. I don’t care who you are. Evil has been here thick for a long time. I’ve told people for awhile. Something like this was on its way. To many people I know have been content living happily cause nothing bad has been happening directly to them. That’s how they claim there ignorance. It hasn’t happened to us, so it’s not happening. This is just heartbreaking. We have alot of work ahead. I hope we are quick. The virus is still out there.

  • DiceSlice 1 month ago

    The level of ignorance behind the comment that white people are late to the party. For Christ’s sake get over yourself.

  • Daksh P 1 month ago

    I appreciate the way this was handled by Team Coco.

  • Roland Masdo 1 month ago

    Justice for Floyd.

  • Marrowbones 1 month ago

    You and the Left live on myths and delusions. This rioting is due to the Social Neurosis that the Leftist Social Justice Industry has been working for decades. George Floyd had spent five years in jail for armed robbery during a home invasion. He committed another crime and then violently resisted arrest. He was 6’6″ and muscular. He would not be dead if he had not committed a crime and resisted arrest.

    The Civil War was not caused by slavery. Lincoln was a Republican and that party was THE tariff party with ZERO constituents in the South. The Slave vs Free state controversy/battle was because new Slave states would tilt Congress against the tariffs that were chronically hitting the South and benefitting Northern Industrialists. The South seceded over a new tariff after decades of grievances over them. Look up, The Great Compromise of 1828 and Henry Clay. The South almost seceded then. Lincoln offered to let the South keep their slaves if they’d come back into the Union. They refused and Lincoln next sent a fleet to supply and reinforce Fort Sumpter which was then part of the CSA. Lincoln only made slavery the issue in 1863 after he became desperate after losing nearly every battle in 1862. Lincoln tried to send the freed slaves to Africa but lacked the funds. He offered them to South America, but no one wanted them. See – “Lincoln’s Marxists,” by Benson and Kennedy, and “When in the Course of the Events of a Nation,” Charles Adams.

  • Tab Radney 1 month ago

    This is a great dialogue

  • Alex Perez 1 month ago

    This guy’s an idiot lol. Seriously Conan?

  • Thoufeek Hussain 1 month ago

    People definitely needs to see this. People from every community. Hope ✊

  • Keith C 1 month ago

    The police officer had a history of violence against all races. He even pulled guns on white kids with nerf guns.All races agree he was a POS. We need to be decent humans. These riots are not excusable. An old lady just got beat down from a group of young men.


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