Unpacking The Racist Reponses to The Little Mermaid – Between The Scenes | The Daily Show

Published on September 18, 2022

There’s a talking crab in the movie, but people are worried about the color of Ariel’s skin? #BetweenTheScenes #DailyShow #Comedy #TrevorNoah



  • Hentai Sensei 2 years ago

    Yeah it’s another internet outrage. Look at it this way, the original Hans Christian Andersen little mermaid fairytale is a public domain work, so Disney can change and interpret it how they like; Even the cartoon is not even faithful to the source material. Like bro, Even the atlanteans in Aquaman CAN be non-white. Mermaids can definitely be colored since they are non-humans

    Either way the movie is just another piece of garbage Disney is trying to pump out. They should just make original movies that have characters of color by default instead of European stories.

  • Jahz Wolf 2 years ago

    Everything is racist get out of dodge only racists make such claims

  • حارث محمد Hareth 2 years ago

    Let them cast black actors but in an original fantasy or realistic black people stories, about past , present or future

  • Dustin 2 years ago

    I cannot wait for a black actor to play James bond or a black actor to black Thor or Black Iron Man.
    Representation matters.

  • Liz_Lemon 2 years ago

    Yet no one is talking about how Ursula promotes obesity AND being single! What an outrage.
    Irony off.

  • Damaged Goods 2 years ago

    if they made it realistic the mermaids would be fish colored

  • Qadreya T 2 years ago

    Trevor is also racist because he kept hating in the Queen .. sorry Trevor but racism goes both ways

  • DMonet 2 years ago

    Black people must be a mighty and powerful people, for so many to be so threatened by us, to the point of hatred! Halle is such a positive light and even she is hated for no reason, at all! I’ll tell ya, our light must really irritate their demons! That’s the only reasoning that makes any sense.

  • Juanita Holland 2 years ago

    So what color should she be green. Maybe they should have just to shut everyone up.

  • Jeremiah Withheld 2 years ago

    My brother.

  • OkaruEXE 2 years ago

    “It’s not going anywhere; you can still watch it.”

    HBO Max raises some uncertainty on that.

  • KitagumaIgen 2 years ago

    Let’s see the outrage if Disney were to make a Little Mermaid movie true to the original…

  • Naturalbeauti78 2 years ago

    The original character of Ursula was based on a drag queen. don’t see people mad that she’s being played by a women. People are idiots, its a fictional character whos half fish.

  • FrogNToad 2 years ago

    Why can’t we just race swap every live action Disney Asian snow white and white Mulan sounds hilarious

  • gabb05 2 years ago

    its a fictional character, the actors are “Acting” as if they are a fictional character…all this is as silly as it gets,,,,who gives af about who plays a fictional character or even a real-world based character if that was the case

  • Brenton Robinson 2 years ago

    Barbie’s White and if you want a black Barbie this has a different name I don’t call it the black Barbie

  • Alla Alla 2 years ago

    Mermaid is half human half fish, that’s what should bother people.


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