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  • Justin Lewis 2 years ago


  • Ananias Danda 2 years ago

    I love you Daisy L you’re my goal

  • Tolba Szy 2 years ago

    Boy Scouts need heterosexual reinforcement!

  • Santiago Rivera 2 years ago

    She’s not funny

  • Izznogood76 2 years ago

    This was bad…

  • DarkShadowsprite 2 years ago

    That Girl Scout group looked cool, nothing like the one I was in. We just did arts and crafts things and generally not all that interesting. You get a Beading badge for putting beads on a string…whoo hoo? I quit and joined 4H.

  • ArchEnema 67 2 years ago

    Sylvia Acevedo, “We know how to have girls become leaders….” Ah, more like, “We know how to make LITTLE girls become unpaid cookie sellers so my greedy friends and I can all buy giant mansions in suburban Atlanta.” Don’t believe me? Just google GSA executive compensation.

  • jalila love 2 years ago

    Camping, selling cookies, learning to bake brownies, make stupid crafts, and sing Christmas carols are not needed to learn leadership. I was put in the fucking corner everyday for nonparticipating by the troop leader and do you know what I learned? I learned that she kept nude photos of herself and a dime bag in her purse. The women that became astronauts and scientists didn’t get there because they were girl scouts. It happened because they came from prominent families. If a boy wants to act like a girl its not hurting anyone and if a girl wants to act like a boy it is fine. If you really want to prime your children for success DON”T WASTE MONEY ON CLUBS FOR ASSHOLES. Let’s face it, the scouts are nothing more than bullshit babysitting, and usually done by people who are perverts and were not required to provide fingerprinting and background checks. Take your kids to music lessons, fine art, vocal lessons, ice scatting, wood working, dance lessons, writing lessons, science exploration activities at parks, sports, chess practice, math clubs, the library. Because kids today get very limited time to explore what their interests in school because most schools lack the funding. Stop giving them Ipads and shoving them in programs that will not actually benefit them later in life. Oh yea and they CLAIM they set up funding for the kids college fund for the most badges or whatever. Nobody in my troop saw a dime.

  • Ruel Saunders 2 years ago

    I hope the watchers see that Girls Scouts are more than just cooking and sewing.

  • MarcoA1971 2 years ago

    I say they just need to update what girlscouts do. Personally I think young boys and young girls should be able to be themselves. If you don’t agree then maybe Shapes should be for men as well.

  • Tara Sarma 2 years ago

    0:41 That’s a lie. There are tons of female astronauts who’ve been in space from outside the US who couldn’t have been in the Girl Scouts

  • King Bradley 2 years ago

    Did she just spoil me Blade runner 2049?

  • mike hathaway 2 years ago

    Its really about money.

  • James Lee 2 years ago

    dont the Freemasons have the Order of the Eastern Star?

  • Kim Paulo 2 years ago

    I was in girl scouts for 11 years and it seems like I am the only person in this comment section that actually really enjoyed my time. And to say that gs does nothing like what boy scouts do is false it all depends on whether or not your leader wants to do these things. Or if there is a demand for it in your troop. Girl scouts is all about what you want to do in your troops and girl scouts tries their best to provide different material for that purpose. Also if you don’t like what your troop is doing then suggest activities that you would want to do.

  • SourNipples Jr. 2 years ago

    “wow were did u learn how to shoot like that”
    “Girl scouts”

  • Roger H Werner 2 years ago

    Girl Scouts likely view Boy Scouts as raiding their potential pool of volunteers. I would think that Girl Scouts teach young girls values that are uniquely female, rather than coeducational. I happen to think that some girls and boys should have the option of learning in a unisex environment if that suits them.

  • Alpha The Mii 2 years ago

    Borl scouts

  • Zawn Kostean 2 years ago

    Why not just Scouts where girls and boys can join?

  • Queen Doll 2 years ago

    In Tanzania there is just Scouts. Not defined by gender. They all go camping, do survival drills and everything EQUALLY and together. We don’t sell cookies though


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