Ukraine’s Women Fight Back Against Russian Invaders | Zelensky Inspires The World With His Bravery

Published on March 8, 2022

Volodymyr Zelensky courageously revealed his location in a speech intended to rally the world to Ukraine’s aid, while the women in Ukraine are demonstrating their bravery by taking up arms, and, in one case, taking out a Russian drone with a jar of pickles. #Colbert #Comedy #Monologue

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  • Leon Unlimited 2 years ago

    Ukraine has to kill Putin… the USA won’t.

  • softytop1000 2 years ago

    Did this drone have a Russian flag on the side of it or what?

  • Connor Cook 2 years ago

    Honestly, had we elected Stephen Colbert President and Russia invaded us, I have a feeling we would have been surprised by his depth of character as well…

  • Supernova 2 years ago

    Is time for Putin to take example of Napoleon and Hitler, just take the the troops and return from where you came.
    But i believe in his rotten mind he will have the last laugh by destroying the country and Europe while he hiding in bunkers.

  • Alex Vara de Rey 2 years ago

    There’s nothing more serious in the world than a mother whose children have been inconvenienced and is looking for payback. It’s fair to say that quite a lot of crime, especially anti-social crime, is 15-25 year old boys & men. If every police patrol had attached to it a woman over 40 who has had kids, i seriously think that crime would be reduced by 30% in a month.

  • Carol Russo 2 years ago

    Stephen’s sweet genuine smile when the camera came back to him after the video of the tiny Ukrainian girl singing in the bomb shelter – well, I am all verklemt.

  • Brian Schlicher 2 years ago

    Gotta admire Zelenski’s bravery during this entire invasion. A rare moment in history and Zelenski is owning it like a boss.

    No U.S president could claim this based on the fact the secret service and military escorts would move a U.S president to maintain command and control.

  • Januário Feriado 2 years ago

    Humour is one of the most efficient types of propaganda. Russian phonia being created while you laugh

  • G. Smith 2 years ago

    I know a lot of women who wouldn’t be happy about someone giving them flowers for International Women’s Day. Still a nice sentiment though.

  • Tommy Lucas 2 years ago

    Sorry Ukraine, Biden and Putin sold you out for politics.

  • T BZ 2 years ago

    3:26 You get 2% of your oil from Russia… its not massive blow. Europe doing it would be as they get 40%.

  • TOS100 Returns 2 years ago

    McDonald’s threatened them with “not Diabetes.”

  • magscat3161 2 years ago

    You joke about those women joining the fight but don’t knock ’em. Nothing in nature is more dangerous than a mother protecting her young. Don’t forget that in WW2 some of the most deadly snipers were women…

  • Undead Wiccan 2 years ago

    Oh no! Not the ‘Unfriendly List’!

  • Billy Joe 2 years ago

    That’s good the VOLUNTEER to stay. Men are being forced. #equality.


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