“Ukraine Is Going To Be Around A Lot Longer Than Vladimir Putin” – Sec. Antony Blinken

Published on May 19, 2022

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken makes his first visit to The Late Show for a three-part interview with Stephen Colbert, which begins with Sec. Blinken’s assertion that an independent Ukraine will long outlast the rule of Russian leader Vladimir Putin. Stick around for more with Secretary Antony Blinken! #Colbert #AntonyBlinken #SecretaryBlinken

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  • HippieSwede 2 years ago

    Thank you america for welcoming Sweden to the alliance and giving protection through the whole process. It’s getting a bit too hairy in this part of the world to be on our own.

  • Leanne Vande Kew 2 years ago

    Trump, the Coup Clutz Clown, is like rust and insanity”
    Rust never sleeps.
    Insanity never tires.

  • athena13005 2 years ago

    Blinken speaks so eloquently, but he has a bad habit. Always replacing the “West” with the “World” I find to be a mark of arrogance, that the West just can’t seem to shake. South America, the Middle East, Africa, and much of Asia are mostly impartial to the invasion. The cool kids club mentality can be seen as an aggression to those not allowed in and breeds distrust and contempt over time. Blinken is speaking to the choir of a very specific church. The countries who favor more “inclusion” are now being criticized for dragging their feet and even being called traitors to their values. I am referring to Germany specifically. There are a lot of dark dealings with German politicians and Russian oligarchs, but that is just a reality applicable to all forms of government and other Western countries very happy to point fingers. The concept was to keep adversaries friendly by giving them an economic reason to remain diplomatic, and largely ignore small scale incursions on humanitarian values, because war has a higher humanitarian cost. Putin looks nostalgically at times in history where peace and war was forged with aristocratic marriage agreements and suffers bouts of lust for the more modern strongmen who used fear and violence to enforce respect and/or subservience. So as many criticisms as I have towards the Western exclusion and other micromanaging behavior, this is still Putin’s war, and if he wants it, there is little anyone can do, until the people closest to him effectively turn on him. That is where diplomacy comes in, and then remember: the West is not the World

  • Barry T 2 years ago

    Russia is a big, politically expansionist country, something I’m sure China aspires to be.
    Putin might actually have some cancerous hemorrhoids to pull, but one thing’s for sure…if you disappear there, nobody will come looking for you, whether it be underground in a nuclear winter haven or a sprawling summertime taiga fortress, you could hold court at the long table and pull satellite strings without anyone ever seeing your dour puss and plasticized body again.

  • Jonathan Bush 2 years ago

    Yes we must help small Nations defend themselves against larger Nations so what about Palestine and Yemen?

  • Totanonsrb 2 years ago

    What about a sovereign and independent Serbia you bombed back in 99′? US and NATO were killing civilians and attacked civilian targets so they can give Kosovo to Albanian separatists. This is all your fault.

  • Neil C Vernon 2 years ago

    Russia has one friend so holidays to.North Korea for Russians from now on .. Russians not welcome anywhere else

  • casbott 2 years ago

    *So the first part of the interview is posted last* ?
    Just do interviews in one post, with ad breaks edited out like Kimmel does.
    Considering you can’t tell the difference between the Pennsylvania State Senate Race and K-pop, it’s time to re-examine your YouTube channel protocols.

  • Vivi Vava 2 years ago

    Ukraine will cease to exist as a state and if the war continue, the whole territory will become Russian! this operation will end this year! mark my words! and for those who might think that I’m pro-Russian, I’m not! I’m fully pro-French actually and I’m furious, enraged because of all these lies around Ukraine perpetrated by this criminal aside with the criminal government of USA, who stole on the public stage 40 billions from its own citizens to givre it to Ukraine in support of ukro-nazi! I’m mad, infuriated because of all these lies European Union took decisions against the strategic interest of the European citizens, French in particular, with rising of prices and inflation! and this was done by USA neurotic criminals, lead by a demented president, not by Putin and Russia! USA people are unfortunately so brainwashed and lobotomized over the years by their own entertainment industry and their own bullshit mainstream media like CNN, MSNBC, PBC, ABC etc!

  • Willow Slough DX 2 years ago

    Secretary of State Blinken is speaking the party line: most of us support Ukraine in the battle waged by Putin. However, Ukraine has lost significant eastern territories to Putin as well as Mariupol to the south. Putin is now positioned to take Odessa and leave Ukraine as a a landlocked country without access to the Black Sea. This is hardly an encouraging position for anyone who wants to resist Putin’s attacks on Ukraine. Putin’s attacks on Kiyiv and western Ukraine was partly diversion. Putin will be happy to take what he can now and return in 5 to 10 years for more. Don’t be fools.

  • dizzybynature 2 years ago

    i think Putin wants a genocide so he can colonize the land..
    i dont think he gives a second thought about the nation or the people in either nation..

  • Jeff Hogue 2 years ago

    What an epic and refreshing difference is our current Secretary of State to our former phony doughboy.

  • Heather C 2 years ago

    Just imagine if Trump and Pompeo were still in power. What a nightmare. Love Tony Blinken.

  • U HU 2 years ago

    And Putin is going to be there a lot longer than you, Blinken, and your boss, Biden.


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