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Published on January 31, 2017

The hashtag #deleteUber was trending recently. People were upset because when New York taxi drivers went on strike for an hour, in solidarity with those protesting President Trump’s travel ban at JFK airport, Uber announced they were lowering prices at JFK. To some, it seemed like they were trying to profit from this. So then Uber tried to apologize, but the damage was done. Now they are trying to dig out of the hole they created by contacting irate customers individually.

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  • Jake McCallister 3 years ago

    Will Jimmy Kimmel reply to me?

  • eric131313 3 years ago

    Liberals bullying ppl for not participating in their protest good
    Conservatives doing same thing bad, awfull lol Democrats should change
    their names to Hypocrats will fit them perfectly thats for sure

  • dahouseis 3 years ago

    uber doesn t need to apologize. they made a business decision, and we as
    customers can make our own decision in response, choosing to take our money

  • Ariana Zuniga 3 years ago

    Hi Jimmy

  • ELBandido 3 years ago

    These hardcore liberals are insane. Why punish the poor Uber drivers?

    Taxis are becoming irelevant each day anyway

  • T3ddYB3AR2K 3 years ago

    he before viewbot :)

  • Lily Rose 3 years ago

    Don’t boycott think of more people who be jobless .

  • wkbeats 3 years ago

    Uber could’ve jacked up their prices since there was no taxi competition,
    but instead they lowered them. But that STILL isn’t good enough for people.
    Sheesh. Bunch of bullies

  • The Modern Investor 3 years ago

    If not uber it would have been lyft, people are just looking for a finger
    to point at someone. Uber did nothing wrong, if they even lowered their
    prices, what did people expect them to do? Regardless of any ban, there
    were still tens of thousands of people flying in who DID need to get

  • FocusMrbjarke 3 years ago

    Free attention just reply to this comment!!


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