U.S. Bans Russian Gas, Zelenskyy Stands Against Putin: Late Night’s News of the Week

Published on March 11, 2022

All the news and jokes you missed from the week of March 7.

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  • Leanne Vande Kew 2 years ago

    Valentine’s Day,
    Putin sent Trump a jar of hummus;
    it’s made of Russian chick pea.

  • Robert Shavers 2 years ago

    Will you guys ever bring back the Friday show?

  • SONLON 2 years ago

    6:25 LOL

  • Nards Wolfman 2 years ago

    Had to look up Quibi…

  • Agent Orange 2 years ago

    Bet McConnell did the dollar on a string more than once

  • ryan muhm 2 years ago

    WTH is “Representative”? I am 50 and have never experienced whatever that is.

  • Civil Villain 2 years ago

    The fact that Trump thought that painting the Chinese flag on attacking planes would work, really shows how completely moronic he is. Next thing you know he’ll suggest nuking a hurricane…

  • Tom Why 2 years ago

    The jurro spider is beneficial to farmers and eats a variety of pesky insects including stinkbugs

  • krishna nayak 2 years ago

    What the world wide companies that are pulling out of Russia, now, need to do is not return until the Russian citizens vote Putin out of office. See how that shakes things up….

  • Bruce Bickford 2 years ago

    Sheep – Do not go into the light – Biden’s BS – Now using the Russian Invasions of Ukraine to blame Inflation, Fuel Cost Increases all on Putin, and Russia – so funny with the Democrats its always the Boogie Man Putin “Russia Russia Russia” that causes everything, 2-3 years ago it was Trump and Russia, Russia Russia Russia – now Biden claiming that Russia is the cause of you “The US Citizens” rising Inflation, Gas Cost, its all Putin – well just as FYI, day one Biden committed to end Fossil Fuels, he ran on this – and again day one he cancelled Pipelines and oil, gas leases around the country – day one prices of Oil around the world started going up, day one of Biden’s ministration – FACT CHECK IT….Biden does not understand its all about messaging….
    Due to lack of knowledge about how the economy works, lack of real world leadership, Biden is not a leader – we are now looking to OPEC to support our Energy needs, again – instead of being Energy Independent like we were at the end of 2020 – in 1 year Biden had destroyed the USA, standing in the world, cost out of control for the US Citizens, fuel cost up more than double from last year, uncontrolled Illegal Immigration, men dressing up as women and competing in women sports, CRT being forced onto our Children, Children forced to ware masks for 2 years, schools were shut down for 2 years, statues of our history being removed, if your white your bad, on and on and on all under Biden and could continue on for hours….
    Kamala, what did she bring to the table “Nothing” (Laughing Hyena) no leadership (looking for root causes) and Joe continues to hide in the White House basement…
    Time for the USA to Lead – Woke shits go to the basement with Joe….we have real leaders in the US that can take charge and get us Energy Independent (Open up 100% all our resources – Oil / Coal and Natural Gas), and show leadership around the world, get Ukraine the help it needs to push Russia back home “Lets Go Brandon, show USA Super Power”…
    Biden to China – show them where its at – US Companies / come home with production in the US, no Imports or tax the crap out of them, limit access to our economy and access to our companies in their country..
    Biden – Lead around the world (USA Super Power) show it, do it, set examples and lead with Energy Independance – Lead or get out of the way and let someone else show what it means to mess with the USA….

  • GotTo 2 years ago

    There isn’t a limit for Trump. He keeps getting dumber than the day before.

  • D 2 years ago

    Ted Cruz is so love-starved that he considers a savage grope of his scrotum by Airport Security, as a hug….

  • Professor Sypher 2 years ago

    It never fails that part of my brain thinks I’m psychic every time I watch a weekly recap of some sort… it’s just like, this is a new video, but I remember this content verbatim! I knew it!

  • Day Dreamer 2 years ago

    Nails on a chalkboard, a room full of bagpipes, Kimberly Guilfoyle speaking.
    Three things that would prompt me to commit treason and demand the death penalty. Well, actually, just the last one

  • EVing made EZ 2 years ago

    Should have closed with ‘trump is right’ segment

  • Ann MacKay 2 years ago

    I love your show. Thank you for helping me shake some of the stress with laughter.

  • Patty Perkinson 2 years ago

    Do I get triple likes for “Trump is right”?

  • spencer emory 2 years ago

    His Mitch McConnell sounds like it hurts

  • Mary Mary 2 years ago

    Didn’t we see this earlier this week?


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