Tweet Dreams w/ The Giant 12-Foot Skeleton

Published on October 30, 2020

The Giant 12-Foot Skeleton visits the set of The Late Late Show and reads some of the weird and hilarious dreams about it that fans have posted to Twitter.

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  • VetInTheWater 8 months ago

    Well well well, I wonder what Geoff, the gay robot skeleton, feels about this!!!!

  • Stranger. thingz 8 months ago

    James em you do realise you kidnapped jonas brothers? Why can’t u kidnap one direction???

  • Aditi Kumar 8 months ago

    ⚡⚡One Direction⚡⚡

  • AinoN Nuunu 8 months ago

    When you realize that your comment could go viral cause heres only 56comments…

  • It’s_yaGirl Lilli 8 months ago

    There’s were weird but awesome

  • T Electronix 8 months ago

    The spirit of Geoff is strong.

  • The Messenger 8 months ago

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  • Aya Aharras 8 months ago

    Can I came to your show

  • Ju lia 8 months ago

    This is such a halloween video. You know who else is into halloween? Liam Payne. While we’re at the topic of Liam Payne, James Cordon when will you kidnap One Direction?

  • Mark Armour 8 months ago

    VERY DISAPPOINTED! I misread the title of this video as WET DREAMS, GIANT 12 inch SKELETON.
    I’ve never been so let down in my life.

  • ImNotLogan 8 months ago yes

  • khalid_ Ar 8 months ago

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  • maya_fooking_hates_yt_ periodt 8 months ago

    people have weird ass dreams

  • Cyp T 8 months ago

    Where did you find the skeleton and also WHO WOULD THINK THIS IN THEIR BRAIN

  • Kimberly Nicole 8 months ago

    the skeleton really said stop being poor and make your house taller 🥰✨

  • علاوي امفارك الدنيه 8 months ago

    Nice ☺️☺️👍😊

  • MARS SIDE 8 months ago

    WHO else was here when nobody watched after hou of release?

  • Hans Maurer 8 months ago

    Never mix up feet and inches. Spinal Tap can tell a story about that.


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