Tucker Carlson’s wacky, deadly coverage of Minaj’s skepticism

Published on September 16, 2021

When Tucker Carlson presents a tongue-in-cheek report on Nicki Minaj’s cousin’s friend, Fox News Mascot Skippy the F**king Idiot introduces other wacky ways to kill the audience.

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Clip air date 09/16/2021

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  • Anthony Triff 2 years ago

    Fauci funded the virus that is killing you and is making money off the vaccine.. Let that sink in.

  • PiantaBroker 2 years ago

    Tucker thinking, “yes a victim of vaccine who grew swollen balls from it will surely answer my call to come on national TV and talk about his balls”

  • Life is Sacred 2 years ago

    Carlson always tells the best jokes when he has a serious expression on his face.

  • C B 2 years ago

    Colostomy bag with teeth

  • James Guy Photography 2 years ago

    Fox News Corp has way more strict COVID protocols than the US government.

  • Snoozerpoo 2 years ago

    Oh Nicki, you don’t have to worry about your balls. Trinidad uses vaccines from The Peoples Republic of China. And if you really gave a sh*t about research, you’d know that. Idiot.

  • H G 2 years ago

    Stephen Colbert is just a liberal bootlicker. Nothing to see here

  • Chucho 2 years ago

    I think we just found one of the swollen testicles.

    It’s been hosting a Fox show for a number of years now.

  • m m 2 years ago

    i saw a thumbnail of carlson before and thought, it’s unfortunate that the media pick purposely unflattering pictures of people to create a bias in the viewers mind rather than just rely on the power of facts. but then i noticed the channel was fox news which…is his home/friendly territory. so my takeaway was that it wasn’t meant to look bad at all and that maybe they believe that their audience finds a sort of unhinged look to be intense and powerful and appealing… they must know what they’re doing since it’s their audience.

  • Rixar.Player 2 years ago

    Was expecting more furries on the comment section… It’s only me it seems

  • Motorheadmike 2 years ago

    This was weird

  • Kid Mohair 2 years ago

    “who said killing your audience couldn’t be fun?” and profitable

  • Alexia Italia 2 years ago

    Stfu lady tucker carly

  • We are going to go see you soon I don’t know 2 years ago

    Fuck tucker doing tha lords work smite us tucker smite us with stupidity.

  • daniel wolf 2 years ago

    Tucker wants to see somebody who has actually balls because he knows he doesn’t.

  • Jon Valentine 2 years ago

    No wonder no one watches this tripe.

  • Tired 2 years ago

    Dear Mr. Carlson,
    Before I got the vaccine I was a no good, down-and-out with barely two pennies to rub together. Since I got my second shot, I’ve got a new job as Senior VP, Self-Enrichment at Amazon, have won the lottery three times, put on 120 IQ points, my cancer is cured and I can now run a 4 minute mile whereas I could barely run 10 yards previously.
    Do you also want to hear my amazingly positive anecdotal vaccine story?
    Or to pique your interest, do I need to have a random hearsay story that might, possibly, tangentially, help you paint vaccines in a negative way.

  • blinks65 2 years ago

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