Tucker Carlson’s Collection of Unevents | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Published on March 10, 2023

In partnership with Tucker Carlson and the good people of Fox News, we are pleased to offer this gold coin collection commemorating great non-events in history.

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  • Gold Dee 9 months ago

    Well the Q Anon Shaman certainly doesn’t deserve to be doing 4 years in jail. The guy literally told people to go home and be peaceful while outside and had a police escort the entire time he was inside. That guy did no wrong in my eyes from the video that I did see. If anyone sees one with him bashing someone with his staff, let me know. Until then, FREE JACOB CHANSLEY!

  • Omar Atk 9 months ago

    On point! MAGA Do not care about the lies or our Country. They live to see the opposition suffer.

  • Cory Hughes 9 months ago

    It should probably be mentioned that an officer was killed during this. It’s funny to make fun of the people who did this, but this Capitol officer trying to keep the peace, he was basically trampled on to death.

  • toab 9 months ago

    transwomen are men

  • Leah Oakwood 9 months ago

    :49 Couldn’t love him more. He’s a rare, miracle “celebrity”. Intellect. Depth. Humor. Y E S!

  • Old Dirtbiker 9 months ago

    Any other normal news channel would have fired Tucker after this.

  • donkey limit 9 months ago

    At some point you’ll realize how corrupt you are Bill. You seem fully unaware.

  • Patrick French 9 months ago

    Wow, it looks just like those ‘mostly peaceful protests’ from a couple of years back. Just not as many fires.

  • Smithy 9 months ago

    If McCarthy actually wanted all the footage to be shown, he would’ve released it all outlets. Of course he only gave it to Cucker Carlson, because he knew Cucker would cherry-pick non-violent footage to somehow prove that the violent footage was a lie. He could’ve given it to Cucker AND other outlets, then we would have had a clearer picture because we would see everything, not just what Fox News wants you to see. But that isn’t what McCarthy wanted, he wanted lies.

  • Michael Diogenes Best 9 months ago

    The best lies contain a kernal of truth.
    AND, if you tell a big enough lie, and repeat it often enough, it will be believed.
    AND, if you put it on TV, you’ll make LOTS OF $$$$$$$……….

  • Haole Flip 9 months ago

    Bill, you’re doing the government’s propaganda

  • Malleus Dei 9 months ago

    Out of over 100,000 that attended the rally…on 99 were arrested on violent felonies….. only 99.
    How many of these 99 were provoked by police misconduct, like using flash bang grenades on peaceful protesters.

  • Unknown Valor 9 months ago

    Funny how outside the Capital building people were screaming “stop the vote or hang mike pence” then when entering the Capital building the narrative changed to “Oh we’re sight seeing”. Every last one of them KNEW they were not suppose to be there and sure as hell didn’t enter the building to “Sight seeing”

  • Ruby Doobie 9 months ago

    In honour of Tucker Carlson I’ve been posting OJ’s highlight videos as proof that he didn’t murder anyone.

  • Bob Almond 9 months ago

    It was a mostly peaceful protest. Wait that was the one where they set fires and overturned cars. This one was an insurrection.
    When both were protests that turned into riots. With peaceful people caught up with violent people. The only difference was that one was prosecuted much more thoroughly.

  • RJF8888 9 months ago

    Fk Maher, he starts seeming like he isn’t an asshat absolute clown by starting to go against woke b.s. pretty hard then erases any cred he might have started to gain by supporting the lies that the Dems are telling about Jan 6. it WAS NOT an insurrection. IT WAS NOT an attack on democracy, it was exactly the opposite. Democracy is being stolen by corporate interest and military industrial complex and the government in general.


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