Trump’s Wall-Funding Fantasy Inspires The A-Mexican Express Card | The Daily Show

Published on January 20, 2019

If Trump can spend years claiming Mexico would pay for his wall even though that obviously wouldn’t happen, why shouldn’t Jaboukie Young-White try a similar approach to clothes shopping?



  • Soletestament 1 year ago

    You know…. if he at least made something plausible up like… selling ad space on the wall… I’d still think he was crazy but I wouldn’t have this empty sick feeling that stems from knowing my president is mentally disabled.

  • Tabitha Totten 1 year ago


  • Gypsie Rose 1 year ago

    How can anyone find this moron funny? This thing hasn’t ever been funny.

  • APPLE4YOU 1 year ago


  • Jason Bean 1 year ago

    But I love Mexican food..:)

  • Michael Hartney 1 year ago

    Only T-Rump supporters should pay for the Wall! If they really want it they should put their money where their mouths are and pay for it!

  • 傭兵Cloud 1 year ago

    Trump’s wall is a metaphor for his mushroom. No one wants to see it and he can’t erect it.

  • The Novi Giants 1 year ago

    So can we impeach him now?

  • Susan St. James 1 year ago

    Make a monthly invoice for Mexico to pay…as promised. Declare Mexico bankrupt if they fail to honour payment, promptly.

  • Amélie Carré 1 year ago

    “It’s gonna pay for itself” classic catchphrase of a rotten salesman who’ll trick you into buying solar panels you can’t afford and don’t want.

  • BRBPancake 1 year ago

    So what happens if just to spite the wall mexico builds stairs on their side?

  • Javier Lopez 1 year ago

    Fuckin Russians

  • xingou 1 year ago

    Trump watching this like ‘I just came up with the best idea!’

  • Nathan Fielure 1 year ago

    Only an idiot will believe trade deficit can pay for anything.

  • Peter Michalski 1 year ago

    Since he doesn’t seem to have the balls to put it up for comments (his skit on vice president Pences wife) Trevor why don’t you criticize islam and put it down for not allowing homosexuals like you do Christians. I don’t think you have the back bone…..wimp.

  • jashane stone 1 year ago

    @ 3:35
    He slid thru that door like I slide thru closing ones every time I get a chance..

    Whoops! No touch..! ? ???

  • Byamba 1 year ago

    5 BILLION DOLLARS! ffs trump fans tell me u want that. i bet if he said that during campaign nobody would vote for him

  • Haze H 1 year ago

    “rather admitting that he misspoke” when even your supposed “opposition” won’t call you a liar when you are the most blatant liar in the fucking universe, you know the left in the US are fucked beyond belief.

  • Hannah McMillin 1 year ago

    Ew ew ew ew one trump is already more than we can handle. That collage is so ugly omg

  • abu Kelly 1 year ago

    Trump is right when he said that the mexico will pay because of the drug that do go into america the past through the border so is right


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