Trump’s Ukraine Whistleblower Scandal – How Will It All End? | The Daily Show



  • peter edokI 3 years ago

    Pls Swedish God kill me with ur rising oceans lol

  • Lily Darkmoore 3 years ago

    During his campaign, Donnie Do-Wrong set the precedent that he was willing to solicit information on a political opponent from a foreign power by BEGGING ON NATIONAL TELEVISION FOR THE RUSSIANS TO HACK AMERICAN CITIZENS TO FIND HILLARY CLINTON’S EMAILS FOR HIM! And then they did so, very shortly thereafter. It very much seemed like he was just sending the signal for a prearranged favor from Putin to take place. I’m sure one can find the video – unedited – in lots of places, but millions of American Citizens WATCHED IT HAPPEN, including myself. I said at the time that what he was doing was illegal and he should be arrested. So am I surprised that he’s been caught doing this again? Not at all. Here is the appearance I write of:
    By the way… he claimed that he has nothing to do with the Russians, but his OWN SON admitted to a group of potential investors that a majority of the investment in their corporations comes from Russians. That is, no doubt, why he refuses to make his Tax Returns public like every other President has done for a very long time: because those papers would tie him to Russian Oligarchs. Also, Trump’s first trip to the USSR took place in 1987, and it is a historical fact that this happened. He claimed to be looking for “business opportunities” at the time. (He was at least 80 million dollars in debt at the time, as well.) At this time, Vladimir Putin was a KGB Agent, stationed at the “gateway to Russia” in East Germany, (through which a traveler to Russia would have to pass) posing as a TRANSLATOR FOR FOREIGN BUSINESSMEN; though his real mission as he himself admitted was to seek out foreign businessmen who could be bribed, bullied, blackmailed, or convinced to turn against their own countries and become assets for the KGB. Trump has had a LOT “to do with the Russians” in the past, including several attempts to build a Russian version of Trump Tower. Here’s some information on that:
    Then there was the ABC News Chief Anchor George Stephanopoulos interview, where he admitted he would accept information against an opponent from a foreign power rather than immediately INFORMING THE FBI AS HE HAS LEARNED HE SHOULD IF HE DOESN’T WANT TO BE COMMITTING A FELONY. He knows better and he was even informed better on National Television. So he has no right to claim ignorance – he has committed actually more than one Felony while in the Office of President, but this admission set the stage for him being unable to claim he is ignorant of the consequences. Below find the ABC Video:
    Below please find the transcript of the phone call with the President of Ukraine, which is Donnie Do-Wrong exerting pressure on the Ukrainian President to seek information for him on Joe Biden. (Please note that the “not verbatim” issue is actually a disclaimer given due to the inability for some accents or speech impediments or poor connections on the phone to be properly understood by transcribers. However, there was no problem understanding Donnie, as he speaks English. It has nothing to do with transcribers changing wording.)
    There is a lot more, but this will do for now. People who have paid attention to the world for most of their lives already knew that Donnie Do-Wrong (also known by locals in Atlantic City in the 1990s, while he was laundering money for the Russian Mob through his casinos, as “Don the Con”) was not only capable of conspiring with a former KGB Agent but would happily do so as long as it paid him are not surprised by any of this. It was almost inevitable the moment that some Republicans in power decided that winning an election was more important than serving their country
    What worries me is that the aid to Ukraine is now being held up and Vladimir ‘the Antichrist’ Putin is SOOOO eager to resume his scheduled conquering of Europe that he might move against Ukraine while all this mess is going on, before we can get someone sane into office who will see the sense in helping prevent Putin’s expansionist desires. He wants back every bit of land once owned by the USSR as satellite states, and then some more that weren’t. Crimea was just the start.

  • Michael Lochlann 3 years ago

    this man could choke out George Washington in the middle of Pennsylvania Avenue and they wouldn’t be able to find him guilty.

  • Sifiso Dladla 3 years ago

    Am I the only one who turned on Closed Captions at 2:09?

  • Adele 3 years ago

    Ronnie is a Malaysian! Proud of you!

  • nofunone1 3 years ago

    nothing will happen to trump he has the 95% and the GOP behind him as long as he preaches hate he is good

  • pw10a2sal 3 years ago

    So which one is the lie here, the overdramatisation of the living hell we are in, or that Trump gets impeached ? LOL Please I need to know…. I am loosing my mind here, I need some fixed points here.

  • Edward Gurley 3 years ago

    Teflon Don’s “Art of the Con” details how he takes the playbook of how to destabilize a government from the CIA

  • Fred Jacobsen 3 years ago

    Keep a running total of the number and amount of checks written by the U.S. Treasury to any of the Trump organizations as a result of Trump’s decisions to travel to his for-profit golf resorts and hotels. Proof of self-enrichment via Trump’s office of POTUS.

  • serious 3 years ago

    This is hilarious…and sad…because he’s right

  • Britt Waller 3 years ago

    Ron Cheng is so right I feel the same way! I really hope this is all worth it. I want Jabba the Trump gone too, but idk I feel like everyone in government is dragging their feet creating messes to clean up for decades later and still I feel like NOTHING has gotten done by anyone in 4 years. I don’t trust anyone any more.

  • K. R. 3 years ago

    Dobre Morning  Mothefuckers…lol

  • Ton Ka 3 years ago

    Hahaha lol Ronny tell our feeling…

  • Gabriela Hansen 3 years ago

    Ronny Chieng should replace Trevor, for good

  • Terry Quesenberry 3 years ago

    You don’t dig up dirt on Trump..It falls on you.

  • Gorgeousbronze -Madison- 3 years ago

    Damn it I felt this way a year ago. SIIIIGGGH Let this jerk have this term so we can move on

  • Carolyn Gair 3 years ago

    Ronnie was comedy gold today!

  • R L 3 years ago


  • Edward Ames Castellano 3 years ago

    fUNNIEST fk’n thing evah… Okay that was just my Ronny Chieng impression… I just wanted to post that after I stopped laughing my fk’n ass off.

  • Infinite Z 3 years ago

    Did anyone notice Russian bots have stopped coming to trump’s defense in comments? Is it because he’s helping Ukraine fight them now?


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