Trump’s Ukraine Scandal and the Moral Blindness Defense | The Daily Show

Published on October 4, 2019

Michael Kosta considers why Donald Trump decided to release the transcript of his call with Ukraine’s president despite White House officials’ apprehension.



  • Albert Yuen 9 months ago

    Perfect call of corruption.

  • Mohna Priyanka 9 months ago

    “The Ivanka of calls” ?

    “It’s mine but I’m not a fan” ??

  • Andrew Burton 9 months ago

    How to make the Swamp

    1 pound of Trump
    1 Tsp Pence
    1 Tbls Giuliani
    20 dashes of corrupt, incompetent Republicans

  • jeff wolf 9 months ago

    He just wants to see the country in turmoil that is why he wants to have himself impeached. Nobody can say that he didn’t put this on himself. However the Republican Trump supporters will deny that( they’ll even say the Democrats released it) even though he’s the one that released it.. and he did not release exactly what he said. It said “not per Batum” right on the report he released. let’s see the real transcripts of the phone call released. The thing with Trump and his supporters is the dumb leading the Dumber. I can’t put it any more simple than that

  • Francis Marino 9 months ago

    Amazing! Trump might the first man to have actually physically molested a phone call.

  • José Vasquez 9 months ago

    He missed the chance to say without the jam could there be space

  • Dyna Ruvy 9 months ago

    Any one else want trump to be impeached just to see how an impeachment goes. ???

  • deathsyth8888 9 months ago

    It’s like turning in the ransom note you wrote and sent to the victim to prove you didn’t try to intend on kidnapping them.

  • ronkirk50 9 months ago

    With all due respect, a minority of the electorate voted for tRUMP, he actually lost by over 3 million votes.

  • Adnan Ghadiali 9 months ago

    Maybe every time Don speaks to foreign leaders they both are simultaneously having 2 separate conversations……..???? i mean it could explain alot of Trump actions..!!

  • CableTelcontar 9 months ago

    Guy is right. We could see Trump’s moral blindness miles away. I wonder why Americans chose not to.

    But then again, a similar idiot was elected in my country so what do I know?

  • M Groh 9 months ago

    Anyone tired of the targeted Pro-Trump ads that keep appearing before Trevor Noah videos?

  • ProjectFlashlight612 9 months ago

    It’s not a defense, you cretins

  • CybershamanX 9 months ago

    Well, you know what happened, right? Trump’s aides told him not to release the transcripts, but since Trump is a petulant child who doesn’t like to be told what to do, he did it anyway. Like I say, it’s scary to imagine how things would be if Trump was actually intelligent. Just try and imagine if someone with Trump’s proclivities actually had a brain. It may be hard to believe, but we would actually be in much worse shape than we are right now. Thank goodness for our system of checks and balances, such as it is. They are being strained to the breaking point right now, but they are the only thing holding this monster back. :/ Now, if more Republicans would just grow an inkling of a backbone and simply admit that Trump is destroying our country, we could have take care of this problem much sooner. But, no, they’re more concerned with getting votes, so we’re just going to have to put up with Trump, at least for a little while longer. Just make sure you get out and vote come the election in 2020. Feel the Bern! 😉

  • sanjuansteve 9 months ago

    #DictatorDrumpf #ConfederateNazis #DeportMeToo #BanMeToo
    He’s rigging the primary by cancelling it like a dictator and rigging the general election again, this time using military weapons and support to extort a foreign country to help his campaign. Despite Republican efforts to block election security (for obviously corrupt reasons), the world is just one Tweet away from learning they claim the elections to be rigged against the GOP, are cancelling future elections ‘until they figure things out’ (like their Muslim ban, never) to become America’s 1st (bigoted, fascist) dictatorship with Drumpf, and the worst part is that 44% of the country will continue to support it. We’re closer to #AmericanCivilWarII than most people believe and just like before our own friends and family members would try to kill us for not getting on board with their extreme bigotries just like the Confederates in 1865 or the Nazis in 1938.

    Is this the beginning of the dictatorship?

  • FirestoneX 9 months ago

    I’m so confused. There was a whistleblower, an OFFICIAL transcript, and Trump even admitted it at one point… Soooo. Why isn’t he impeached yet?

  • Chris Jane 9 months ago

    Our government is just as much corrupt and at fault for this turd. Americas political infrastructure is out of date. Time for an update…who’s with me ?‍♂️

  • maestrogringo 9 months ago

    *they didn’t release a transcript, it was a SUMMARY!*

  • Mohsin Qamar 9 months ago

    *Trump has Disgraced America I wonder if he was president 100 years ago, History would make Hitler look like a Saint Compare to Trump*

  • JV 9 months ago

    Ignorance is not an excuse.


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