Trump’s Town Hall: The Softening

Published on August 26, 2016

Despite a tornado of incoherent yelling, Donald Trump’s immigration poll results were seen as inconclusive.

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  • WAM Photography 4 years ago

    Nope I’m last

  • Amulya Bhattarai 4 years ago

    Trump has begun the first stages of his undercover mission to reveal that
    his supporters will agree with anything he says… even when it’s the
    complete opposite of what he was saying before.

  • Nonya Biddness 4 years ago

    That woman’s mugging was at least as realistic as Hillary’s during the DNC
    balloon drop

    Vote Bear-o-lantern 2016!

  • Rizvi Redwan 4 years ago

    british brexit from EU….not normal

  • Joey Ouyang 4 years ago

    trump is such a pussy

  • Jesus isGod 4 years ago

    This anal choir-boy is going to be laughing out his ass when Trump is

  • KingOfMadCows 4 years ago

    “Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!” – Trump supporters

  • Ashcool 4 years ago

    I am gonna say something tongue in cheek here. I know its a remote
    possibility but maybe Trump is trying to convert all the racist, bigoted
    supporters of his into approvers of minority groups? He started off saying
    border-racist statements that made these people follow him and now he’s
    softening which means they’ll soften too.

  • dutchsinse 4 years ago

    Cool that Stephen is getting into his 2nd wind here on the Late show.

    I think he’ll score in ratings BIGTIME at the election…. IF he slams
    hillary like he should.. it will be classic tv !

  • Dani Flunky Cook 4 years ago

    Although i have a question on all this, let’s agree for one second that not
    every immigrant from mexico is a thief or a rapist or a criminal alright,
    so why do they cross the border illegally with no paperwork? There’s no war
    in mexico so we are not talking refugees here, it’s people who wants to
    live in the US, which is fine, but again, why do they have to come in

  • Mr Hackett 4 years ago

    Tony Clifton lives

  • Penny Lane 4 years ago

    When are they finally going to install a ringlight on that camera?
    Colbert’s always getting so close to the lens that the shadow ruins the

  • Sanjeays Fernando 4 years ago

    I think Donald Trump is actually coming back to his senses #TheSoftening

  • Kor O'Connell 4 years ago

    Ok the Dana Freeling bit was hilarious…

  • Johnny Fishfingers 4 years ago

    I guess it’s safe to assume this is the first time Trump has asked for the
    opinion of his people? Not even understanding how to pose a question to the
    crowd after 95 thousand town hall meetings and one hundred and fifty
    trillion hours on TV… It’s almost as if he’s never cared about what other
    people think. Especially considering he was expecting the crowd to just
    play along as he changes his mind about everything.

    Typical narcissism. He thinks everyone is just an extension of himself,
    therefore they are also in tune with his mind, cause why wouldn’t they?

    Read up on narcissism to learn more about this specific trait. It’s fairly
    insane. My mom is a hardcore narcissist, and she constantly just figured
    everyone agreed with her, regardless of everything. Then, when she realized
    she was being a crazy shitbag, she instantly went into victim mode and
    spent some time making sure that we all knew she was not the problem, the
    rest of the population was, cause how the fuck could she be wrong about
    anything? She’s the mastermind, all other minds are just an extension of
    her consciousness. Same with Trump. He sees the world as an extension of
    HIM, he is our savior. Etc. Sycophantism and narcissism go hand in hand,
    and Trump’s supporters are grade A sycophants. Now the cracks are starting
    to show as Trump flip flops into kindness, the last thing his sycophants
    want from him. Once Trump dies out, Alex Jones will enjoy tremendous uptick
    in viewership. Trump has dragged ultra conservatives and the uneducated
    poor way the fuck into hardcore nazi territory, priming them for right wing
    extremism. Putting in motion a will in the people to give up all rights to
    “restore order.” Promoting nationalism, isolationism and authoritarianism.
    Essentially shifting people who say they care about “liberty” into
    blithering idiots who want nothing more than safety from whatever the right
    tries to scare the dumb with at any given time.

    People need to stop being dumb and afraid. And people need to realize that
    conservatism is a disease. It fucks up terrified people across the globe,
    be it ultra conservative christians, creationists, the taliban, ISIS, neo
    soviet/neo stalinist russians, the list of conservatives goes on. Lunatics
    trying to get back to the fairytale time when whomever they follow tells
    them was an era of peace and awesomeness. The era they’re talking about
    obviously didn’t ever exist, but their followers don’t know that, cause
    they are idiots.. They are following these nationalist fuckwits for a
    reason.. Ignorance. If you knew anything about the 30s in Europe, you would
    never EVER promote someone like Trump, cause guess what? If he loses, he’s
    still created an army of far right extremists. Will they go back to their
    caves? No.. They will find someone to take up the baton and run with it,
    they’re waiting for the next Trump to lead them into even more lunacy,
    cause it feels good, raging against the system, regardless of your cause.
    If you’re told for long enough that your cause is just, you will act on it.
    We’re humans, that seems to be how we work. Easily manipulated through
    repetition. Brainwashing works for a reason, we have brains made of flesh,
    and as such it is prone to trickery.

    If you were bamboozled by Trump, you are easily tricked. You NEED to take
    this into consideration the same way you would take dizziness into
    consideration as a tight-rope artist. Gullability is as bad. Real bad.
    Easilty compensated for, but still real bad and should be kept an eye on.

    Only you can prevent deception.

  • Duhya 4 years ago


  • Martín Gonzalez 4 years ago


  • Chirpy n Sleepy 4 years ago

    Hey guys don’t worry about giving Nigel back, you can keep him.
    seriously we don’t want him
    take him away from us

  • Sephiroth 4 years ago

    Making fun of Trump’s skin color. Aren’t you glad he’s white so you don’t
    get accused of racism every week?

  • borot man 4 years ago

    Good ol’ Lumpy. I don’t think he did anything this time, maybe a little
    damage control over those disastrous polls Trump was holding.


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