Trump’s Terrifying Math: A “Tiny Fraction Of Deaths” Is Acceptable Among School Kids Upon Reopeni…

Published on August 13, 2020

President Trump insists that schools should reopen nationwide and seems uninterested in details like keeping families safe and preventing loss of life. #Colbert #SchoolReopening #TinyFraction

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  • Méwicéclair 1 month ago

    High-Jean-Baptiste is my favorite Jean-Baptiste.

  • Tiyath 1 month ago

    I’m a comedy writer and hate myself for cracking up at “I’m sure that Balrog was running a fever”

  • TheBunnyodeath 1 month ago

    cool John is there a song you can write to change her policy and make her less of a sell out. you know like prosecuting the hedge fund managers that donated millions to her campaign to avoid prison. as a 7th place Democratic canidate I’m sure she’ll be fantastic locking up drug users black people and truant students and thier parents . . . but not rich hedge fund ceos or bank ceos. but you’ll take thst money for a failed election cause the voters are stupid and any blue will do. DNC 2016 victory or stupid. how’s that taste of victory feel. the la for 7 canidates dropping out to endorse the 4th place canidate Beiden instead of the popular progressive canidate Sanders. because 6 canidates had to pledge support to beiden to cheat the most popular policy in the country. thanks DNC it’s why I’m never voting Democrat or Republican ever again for any reason principle over fear

  • Kole Slaw 1 month ago

    Watch these during my morning poos. Can confirm that donald dump is sat just the same way I am rn.

  • Minh Pham 1 month ago

    Looks like Jon Batiste accidentally sniffed some of that rubbing alcohol, intended to be used externally for COVID19.

  • Martijn Zelle 1 month ago

    anyone know the chords John was playing?

  • Bucky Pinata 1 month ago

    Yes, more kids die from the common flu than Covid…..Lefts point is what? Besides moot

  • Mike Hegarty 1 month ago

    All the “tiny fraction” supporters need to line up their children to be first into those schools. Since there’s no real threat and all.

  • Nerf Zombie 1 month ago

    How fucking high was John right there!?! 😁

  • Consider The Wildflowers 1 month ago

    It gets worse. That high school suspended the student who took that picture. They reversed that decision after much public outcry. But yeah, we’re not doing well in Atlanta. At all. Help.

  • Space-Cadet David 'Spanky Bonespurs' Dennison : 1 month ago

    Trump is so full of crap that he always looks like he’s sitting on a toilet! 🚽

  • Googol 1 month ago

    Welcome to the Jon Batiste Sponsor Show (with someone called Colbert)

  • s241914 1 month ago

    Man I’m digging the hair. I vote for Stephen to keep it shaggy

  • Jonni0608 1 month ago

    Yeah but I mean… All those school shootings you avoided since March… US schools have some kids to spare. /s

  • Alex Hoo 1 month ago

    If that really was your photo it’s a wonder you EVER got laid.

  • Diplo Doofus 1 month ago

    Stephen at peak silver fox here with this most excellent of hairstyles he’s ever had. What a cutie. Almost couldn’t concentrate on his words in this segment on account of sexually objectifying his hair.

  • Patrick Saucier 1 month ago

    I don’t think Uriah Heep would let Tiny Fraction of Death open for them (just guessing). You might have them on the show, they are still a performing band, and ask them.

  • lisa kurtz 1 month ago

    I recall a moment at the holocaust museum in DC wherein a video it was explained that German government people could see the threat of Hitler but believed they could control him. They, of course, could not.

  • Deleaise Porter 1 month ago

    I absolutely love hearing John play🥰

  • Mario Ortega 1 month ago

    “Tiny Fraction of Death” metal band…. Ohhhhh… Fuck me! LMFA-OFFFFFFFFF!!!!! Fucking EPIC, Stephen! 😛

  • Loung1958 1 month ago

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