Trump’s Team Can’t Defend His Shifting Iran Lies: A Closer Look

Published on January 13, 2020

Seth takes a closer look at a new poll saying a majority of Americans disapprove of President Trump’s handling of Iran, as the president’s own team struggles to defend his lies and borrows directly from George W. Bush’s playbook.

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  • doti m 5 months ago

    Bravo Seth Bravo?

  • Richard Pepper 5 months ago

    Trump says some reps phoned to praise the briefing. Have any identified themselves?

  • Mona Taylor 5 months ago

    This was rich, from Pompeo’s tweet: The voice of the Iranian people is clear. They are fed up with the regime’s lies, corruption, ineptitude, and brutality of the IRGC under
    ‘s kleptocracy. We stand with the Iranian people who deserve a better future.

  • Jacob Roth 5 months ago

    Bwhat Bbout bweapons bof bmass Bdestruction

  • Coincollector82 5 months ago

    Anyone that believe his BS is braindead, everyone that attends his demented rallies are absolute morons each and every one of them ??

  • Kevin Strom 5 months ago

    I 1000% believe Trump. He’s getting his information from the Space Force.

  • 123 456 5 months ago

    Trump is ridiculous but my God, stop being such a Democrat.

  • Mark S 5 months ago

    We definitely don’t say that in Texas

  • Jono Holmes 5 months ago

    Trump uses Putin’s playbook. It’s a dictator playbook.

  • Slique Vic 5 months ago

    Give a man a fish you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish you feed him for a lifetime.

  • Randy Pederson 5 months ago

    To that Senator expecting big things from Trump and then being left unsatisfied ,……now you know how Melania feels ALL THE TIME………..

  • Robert Holloway 5 months ago

    why is he still president?

  • Dribrom Sunrock 5 months ago

    GOP believes in the constitution as mush as Evangelicals believe in the Bible. IE they only care about what benefits them and ignores the rest.

  • VelvetLens Films 5 months ago


    Who’s more the idiot, trump or his supporters?

  • history view 5 months ago

    Sad Sad Sad, Two Dumb presidents elected by a corrupt system “electoral” and pushing us to war.

  • Jama Thaughn 5 months ago

    We’ve been through this before… a lawless (REPUBLICAN) administration… Nixon, Bush, Trump…

  • Imperial Advisor Arem Heshvaun 5 months ago

    “Let’s expand on that Donald …”.

  • Ashtar Sheran 5 months ago


  • ObligedUniform 5 months ago

    Not so fun fact: the White Hose is almost certainly what he calls his junk. (autocorrected to house originally for me, yeah hes THAT dumb now)


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