Trump’s Tax Returns Were Released By… Trump?

Published on March 16, 2017

Only Stephen Colbert is talking about this inexplicably unnoticed portion of Trump’s tax returns… into a microwave.

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  • Windy Delta 3 years ago

    Hello notification friends : D

  • Oblivious Music 3 years ago

    Trump makes talk shows earn money easier than usual

  • Le Kek 3 years ago

    You keep telling yourself that Alex Jones, it was obviously leaked by Russia to make him look like a good businessman

  • Peanut Butter Studios 3 years ago

    Its kinda cramped watching from my microwave

  • Anant Raman 3 years ago

    Fuck Maddow, she gave Trump fanboys something to gloat about.

  • Paul Corrigan 3 years ago

    I always knew the Hindenberg was for realsies.

  • RedTeamReview 3 years ago

    Rachel COULD’VE included the year 2005 in the first tweet but she had to hype us up too much. Haven’t been this hyped and then disappointed since No Man’s Sky :/

  • Worst Things Ever! 3 years ago

    And I thought it’s not allowed to release your tax returns when they’re still under audit… 😉

  • I feel It 3 years ago

    Just a smoke screen for people to ignore the health care act that’s going to screw over the poor rednecks that voted for him And help the rich. SHOCKING that it’s coming from trump.

  • Ray Fire 3 years ago

    Time for Colbert to make more false accusations about Trump, lets see how he spins this story. TYT is garbage just like CNN #LoserCenk #BaconGrease #Libtardagenda

  • Strange Things Happen In America 3 years ago

    Am I the only one thinking Trump hired a 12-year-old to be in charge of his Twitter account?

  • Alex Hutcheson 3 years ago

    The worst part is that Trump and his supporters are going to use this to shut down anyone who actually wants to see his returns. There is almost literally no detail in the 1040, but I’m sure they’ll use it as “proof” that Trump has no conflict of interest issues

  • Clash 3 years ago

    Plot for a Movie: A man in the future hacks Trump’s tax returns and travels back in time to release them before the election to expose and disqualify him. But, a Russian Scientists with the power to see the future catches wind of his plan and send KGB Agent Vladimir into the future to stop him…

  • fazeel ashraf 3 years ago

    Rachel done fucked up

  • Jose Garza 3 years ago

    I want my MTV..Microwave Television.

  • ForTaxReasons 3 years ago

    I want the microwave cam to be a permanent fixture on the show

  • Sir Gobbledygook 3 years ago

    Anybody who could leak info about Trump’s tax returns wouldn’t leak returns from fucking 2005!!! If we send it to the lab I’m pretty sure you would find Trump’s tiny fingerprints all over it

  • Sai Krishna 3 years ago

    In India we call it klpd. खड़े लंद पे धोखा. Betrayal on erect penis. Boep maybe?

  • Tess Cavacuiti 3 years ago

    Stamped on the tax returns was the words ‘CLIENT COPY’! Think about it!

  • Steven Franey 3 years ago

    All these stories about leaking are the worst sort of yellow journalism. ?


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