Trump’s Support for Prison Reform, Mitch McConnell Calls for Bipartisanship – Monologue



  • Doug Grinbergs 11 months ago

    KKKristofascist hypoKKKrite thuglican Mitch MkKKonnell (:-(

  • previnsnaidu1 11 months ago

    Mitch McConnell is gonna look like such an evil frog when history reflects on his career lmao

  • Claydon Mumba 11 months ago

    ”He looks like when he goes to sleep at night, he makes the bed again from the inside”. Lol!

  • Mohan Vankar 11 months ago

    Yeah….trump supports his own future planning

  • Stormwern 11 months ago

    Why would she give meth to her dealer? 🙂

  • LordKhabal 11 months ago

    Mitch McConnell has done more to undermine and damage our democracy than Vladimir Putin could ever dream.


    Bipartisanship is a good thing, sure, but it’s easy to call for “coming together” when you’re calling the shots. Besides, quid pro quo, sir; you want your opposites to work with you, you must first make amends and give them some form of assurance that, should they choose to work with you, you won’t turn around and slap them in face, like you did Obama.

    Your move, Mitch.

  • flagpoleeip 11 months ago

    you don’t give drugs to your dealer – seth – if that is your real name.

  • hankakah 11 months ago

    Trump is trying to make his stays in jail for him, his family easier, by asking for prison reform before they are sent to them. He didn’t care before that.

  • therockkhrd 11 months ago

    Mitch needs to go. He is a flip flop turn coat creepy lurker and he wants your healthcare money , educational funds and every other dollar Americans put into our country’s economy to go to his rich business buddies so they can give it right back to his party pals.

  • mohammad bashammakh 11 months ago

    Mitch (no shame ) McConnell

  • Seven Gates 11 months ago

    A disgusting abuse of power.

  • mori1bund 11 months ago

    Florida is America’s America. ^^

  • Mr Swamp Gass 11 months ago

    Drugs are bad

  • Culminatr 11 months ago

    45’s Nationalist Party are moving in to overrun Democracy. Just recently:
    . Jim Acosta CNN Reporter had is White House Pass removed for asking questions about the Caravan Invasion … White House now being sued.
    . Democrat Senator Nikema Williams (a Black Woman) … arrested while others around her were not (while doing the same thing) … for shouting “every vote MUST BE counted”.
    . Jacob Wohl … was arrested for trying to pay Women to lie that Robert Mueller sexually harassed them, which the women reported him to the Authorities.
    . Michael Avenatti arrested for domestic violence when his WIFE (who are undergoing divorce proceedings and was said to be the one to file the complaint) and EX-WIFE BOTH said that Michael Avenatti has NEVER shown any violent behaviour towards them or anybody … EXPECT BOTH TMZ Tabloid and once again … Jacob Wohl … to be sued for CRIMINAL defamation.

    Sounds a lot like what the Other German Nationalist Leader did some 80s ago.

  • Red Button TV1 11 months ago

    0:10 didn’t her parents escape from bleiburg after ww2…

  • Elisabeth G 11 months ago

    I want a vid containing only Seths descriptions of Mueller.

  • victor perez 11 months ago

    Your writer for this skit sucked

  • TMercan31 11 months ago

    “Can you believe the balls on that guy’s neck?”


    His neck balls are literally all I can ever see on him 🍒?…..🥠?

    Can you imagine having to walk around with no chin & 2 empty flap jacks swaying to & fro when a light breeze comes up? Maybe that’s his karma face …..

  • Dennis Menace 11 months ago

    he wants a pitch and put course in them for his up and coming long stay

  • LibHunk 11 months ago

    Bit*h McConnell is human waste. A total Disgrace being a Man.


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