Trump’s Staffers Are Coughing For A Reason

Published on June 18, 2019

Mick Mulvaney isn’t the only staffer who attempted to help the President with a mid-interview cough. #Colbert #LSSC #ColdOpens

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  • grey alien 2 years ago


  • vsboy 25 2 years ago

    Anyone opposing trump disturbing trump or criticising trump should be dealt with harshly

  • Lazy Perfectionist 2 years ago

    You’re digging your own grave.”
    Are we sure? I mean I’ve been _hearing_ that, and _hearing_ it and _hearing_ it, but is it actually happening?

  • No need to worry about my username 2 years ago

    there’s no way that cough wasn’t a signal for him to shut his fucking mouth. it’s the easiest thing in the world to read through

  • hjyou 2 years ago

    Is Trump getting paid by the media to make this up? “Fantastic financial statement?” Who in the world describes financial statements as fantastic?

  • The Evangelator 2 years ago

    This guy comes into the presidents office and just argues with the president about the polls what a waste of anyones time

  • J Devlin 2 years ago

    *cough* Putin’s Puppet *cough*

  • VegasBabyKat 2 years ago

    Brian Stack fun fact #112….

    Brian graduated from Saint Viator’s, a Catholic high school In NW Chicago….

    So now you know that not only is he a comedic hack but he’s also a filthy little slut ?

  • BigMommaLovesYou 2 years ago

    Funny?..but sad because he is the president ?

  • VegasBabyKat 2 years ago

    It’s official….Donald J Trump is the biggest HACK ever….
    But don’t worry Brian….

    You will always be #2 ???

  • mennekinpis 2 years ago

    So very true – but still funny as hell!

  • giggergigger1 2 years ago


  • Dragonetta 2 years ago

    * cough * STFU! * cough *

  • Kermit of Rivia 2 years ago

    President Trump should add a little warning sign outside his doors that read: _“Warning! Children At Play. Please, no coughing, sneezing, farting, winking, flinching, or breathing. Violaters will be made to speak to Fox News at 9.”_

  • Teresa Miles 2 years ago

    I thought the same thing. They are trying to use code for shut the f… up.

  • Mark_Porsche _911 2 years ago

    I loved them, especially the poor guy running along beside trump’s car ???

  • TheReal008Zulu 2 years ago

    George: Let’s talk about your dealings with Russia.
    Trump: Sure, I love Russia, they and I…
    Mick Mulvaney: Cough! Cough Cough!
    George: Bit of a sore throat there, Mick? Anyway, about Russia.
    Trump: Sure thing, I love em, I wish…
    Mick: Cough! Cough! Oh God, that was some of my lung!
    Trump: Mick, ya know, I can’t do this with you coughing, can you leave the room? Thank you. Now, about Russia, well I love em…

  • Pennywise The dancing clown 2 years ago

    Trump needs shot

  • Aaron O 2 years ago

    The cough heard around the world ?lol

  • m kilpatrick 2 years ago

    Brian Stack skits have always been my favorite part of the Colbert show.


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