Trump’s Skin is Officially Too Thin

Published on July 10, 2019

A Federal Appeals Court ruled that Donald Trump cannot block his critics on Twitter. Also, Instagram released a new anti-bullying feature and Attorney General William Barr plays the bagpipes.

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  • LittleMissPerfect 4eva 2 years ago

    Lol a lot of people will hate Trump even more now that he can’t block them ?

  • PN Houle 2 years ago

    The Brits have a saying: “A gentleman is someone who can play the bagpipe and doesn’t”. As for Barr, he’s now officially Trump’s personal windbag.

  • harry wissink 2 years ago

    I think you manipulated the Barr performance
    Bill cannot be that bad ..
    Is he ?
    Ohhhhhh my goodness

  • Shawn&Inna Barrett 2 years ago

    Jimmy what is wrong with press conferences they are gr8?
    not 2many solutions kelly ann wants to see

  • Michael 2 years ago

    Jimny Kimnel, He is the Ambassador of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland not England!

  • Samuel Yeo 2 years ago

    Trump claimed that he is against censorship,but he wanted to block criticism on Twitter ! Either he is a hypocrite or moron ?Maybe,he is both,just like the truthful comments by the British Ambassador to USA

  • SauceBruh 2 years ago

    He thick as hell

  • Stewart Smith 2 years ago

    a big bag of wind blowing into a bag of wind!

  • Nick and Elizabeth Kousiakis 2 years ago

    Sorry Jimmy……… went from a funny guy to a person filled with hatred and jokes that sow it even more. Let go or your hate and make fun of Trump like Johnny Carson would do back in the day.

  • Andre Stone 2 years ago

    Yeah, I’m no fan of William “Bill” Barr, but give him his credit. He did play a decent bagpipe tune. Other than that, he’s a disgusting shill that sold his soul and career to be Donald Trump’s lobotomized attack dog and attorney

  • Gabe Williams 2 years ago

    Bag pipes, bag crates my eues, I mean my ears

  • Eliza Grogan 2 years ago

    His skin is too thick because it has to cover so much flesh.

  • Brant Lambermont 2 years ago

    Also at Trump’s dinner, judge Roy Moore. For real.

  • Gabagun 2 years ago

    Orange man bad.

  • mrt57rn 2 years ago

    Barr managed to make bagpipes sound worse than they already do. ? ?

  • Brainstorming Plus 2 years ago

    ?????????????????????????????? yes definitely! The psychotic MUST listen from the people that he is a psychotic!!!

  • Anthony Yalon 2 years ago

    Bagpipes. Something I can imagine being banned in the future.

  • K D 2 years ago

    orange man bad

  • curbmassa 2 years ago

    Barr plays his bagpipes. It’s not as bad as it sounds……

  • Jambo ___ 2 years ago

    He does not play the bagpipes


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