Trump’s “Shithole Countries” Remark – Between the Scenes: The Daily Show

Published on January 12, 2018

Trevor wonders how Norway is handling Trump’s “shithole countries” comment.

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  • I am not Dale Gribble 2 years ago

    So no country can be a shithole? India begs to differ. In Delhi they throw their waste into the local rivers, pollute them with chemicals from factories, even dump corpses into those rivers and they FRICKIN DRINK AND BATH IN THOSE WATERS!. If that doesn’t sound like a shithole, I ask you to take your privledged American ass over to India and try to survive one day there.

  • Jorge Rodrigo Ike Gamarra Cardozo 2 years ago

    You people are offended by the reality, I’m from Paraguay and indeed my country is a shithole, don’t talk if you don’t know what’s to live in shithole countries.

  • Andrea C. D 2 years ago

    I would love to come to your country! When you get a new president. – Norwegian

  • Kisanet Kiflemariam 2 years ago

    As a Norwegian, I can confirm this

  • Bendu Hammervold 2 years ago

    I’ve lived in Norway my entire life, and I’m hella proud of calling myself an african-norwegian.
    And the only thing I kept thinking when I first heard about this was: How dare this racist-nazi-coldhearted-stupid-manipulator-evil man disrespect our country like that. Pleaseeee, Norway is so out of Americas league…I’m sorry. But it is the truth.

  • Vaughn Gainey 2 years ago


  • NapoleonBonaparte 2 years ago

    Now do a show about how south africa is gonna take white farmers lands without compensation which already happened in zimbabve

  • Couro Athie 2 years ago

    As an African, I’m just glad he said countrIES, which makes him smarter than some Americans

  • douche douche 2 years ago

    African countries are on top of the list with most crimes/ homicide in da world. But, African countries couldn’t possibly be shithole countries

  • Faggy McGaylord 2 years ago

    Lmao it’s funny because trump is way better than Hillary and Obama combined

  • CR7 Destruidor de Cús 2 years ago

    Portugal is included almost for sure right?
    Wich countries more specific?

  • Bieebsarehot 2 years ago

    I am scandinavian and i would just like to affirm that he is right. All of Scandinavia feels exactly like this.

  • jessie james 2 years ago

    Why would we want to come to your shithole country!!!!! Ha ha. I often asked myself that.

  • Zamir 2 years ago

    I live in Portugal, and while were not really in “Heaven” like Norway, and I actually want to move to other country, I sure as hell would still choose Portugal over US anytime. Here Politics are boring and I like it that way thank you very much.

  • O R 2 years ago

    Why doesn’t Trevor Noah live in South Africa instead of the USA? Oh, that’s right, because it *is* a shithole!!

  • Jonas Synnevåg 2 years ago

    Norway is a good country ❤️

  • Rayan Douni 2 years ago

    The US is a shitwhole country never want to visit it again

  • ThatGuy 2 years ago

    the only thing the USA got is it entertainment and a huge nuke with your name on it, signed by Trump. that’s how I a teenage Norwegian kid feel about how USA is in a nutsheel

  • Animë Bitch 2 years ago

    True true, tbh America is a joke over here

  • Narf Vader 2 years ago

    Two years ago i used to love your country(even as a leftist, it’s another way of leftistism over here in germany).

    New York(as a symbol for freedom and the american dream, and because some of my anciesters had gone this way),

    your freedom of speech (to be honest, just because: if i say to a cop: you’re an asshole!! I can be sued and gonna pay something about 1000€ just because i said what i think, i know that’s not what it’s about at all, but that’s how it works over here..)

    and the spirit that, i think, your country is all about.
    But, the more i learn, the more i love germany(and that’s really weird as a leftist over here..

    So please: GO, VOTE PROGRESSIVE !!! At least.. Go, vote democratic..


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