Trump’s Sharpie Scandal Has Triggered Multiple Investigations: A Closer Look

Published on September 12, 2019

Seth takes a closer look at the growing scandal of President Trump doctoring a map of Hurricane Dorian with a Sharpie.

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  • Ulf Åman 2 years ago

    They got Al Capone on taxes

  • Angel Black 2 years ago

    Wait, it’s illegal to tear off tags off of mattresses?

  • Ceco Elvisa 2 years ago

    The only people dumber than Trump are his inbred supporters

  • RNK RNK 2 years ago

    Seriously America, how much more does it take???

  • Thoribero Caroli 2 years ago

    This, by the way, is the same NOAA that for years have advised against the President’s suggestion of nuking hurricanes, even before he asked it.

    Because apparently it is asked frequently enough in America for it to be at the FAQ…

  • Aren 2 years ago

    If this is why trump gets impeached, I’m leaving earth.

  • Michael Halliday 2 years ago

    I just want to clarify that I’m thankfully not American, I’m Australian. The trouble is that what you lunatics do affects the rest of the world. Even more so when your ArseClown In Chief is an egotistical moron who seems to be magically coated in orange Teflon. What I commented on earlier is merely a concerned citizen of the world seeing the slow and agonizing demise of a once proud and powerful nation. I’m in my late 60’s and unfortunately, we ( Australia ) are part of the ANZUS Pact with you ( The U.S.A and New Zealand ). That means any war or military action you embark on involves us. In my lifetime we haven’t won anything. We have not changed any country for the better, except Australia got rid of Indonesia from East Timor. Luckily for us and East Timor, you guys weren’t involved. Every other single conflict/war/ police action has ended up in total disaster. That’s every single action since WW2.
    O.K I’m sorry you guys now have Space Force. I’m sure the Iranians Russians Venezuelans and Chinese are all shitting themselves. ( with laughter ).
    My point here is the most unstable person in history has little orange digit on The Button.
    That may not scare you guys but the rest of us here in the Real-world aren’t sleeping so well.

  • Dahlia Rose 2 years ago

    It really would be hilarious if after all the horrible things Trump has done it’s using Sharpie on a weather map and then lying about it that gets him impeached. lolololol

  • The Last_Saint 2 years ago

    Stealing free sugar packets is a perfect allegory for the rich; take what’s free, pay for nothing.. also, this is exactly why trickle down economics will NEVER WORK…..

  • Stevie C 2 years ago


  • Mark Kolk 2 years ago

    so what????? how many investigations are ongoing? he is untouchable. nothing will happen. its ridiculous to act like he will have to pay for the consequences

  • Serge Somborac 2 years ago

    Trump *loves* Sharpies & he can’t help it… b/c he fantasizes about having fingers that long.

  • Peeravat KPR 2 years ago

    Inmate 34: Hey bro what get you in here?

    Cohen: I bribed a porn star because my boss fucked her.

    Inmate 34: ???

  • Mitch Besser 2 years ago

    This is fake news and here’s irrefutable proof:

  • Ron wilkins 2 years ago

    Tinker tailor sharpie…sigh .. ?

  • Siren Hound 2 years ago

    It’d be like how Al Capone was taken down by tax evasion. Since tax evasion doesn’t seem to be enough to put someone powerful away anymore.

  • Gregory Krug 2 years ago

    Trump is 100% above the law, but he is also a cult of personality and a religion now so he can do whatever he wants. Trump owns this country now.

  • Ana Rosa Gallardo 2 years ago

    Look hands up 15k and hand down 400

  • Karen Kelly 2 years ago

    I always wondered if he meant to tweet Bahamas instead of Alabama. Then Trump being Trump…. ???

  • Susana Aguayo 2 years ago

    As a meteorology student, I back the Birmingham office. Damage doesnt care whether you are Democratic or Republican. The people behind the NHC are professionals who are passionate about their work and most importantly want to keep the people out of harm’s way.


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