Trump’s Secretive Covid Data-Grab Overshadows Good News About A Promising Vaccine

Published on July 15, 2020

News that the White House will now control all Covid-19 data from America’s hospitals underscores the complete failure of President Trump’s coronavirus response, and is causing health experts to worry about a lack of transparency. #Colbert #StephenAtHome #Monologue

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  • SweetBizou 7 months ago

    I know one person that believes Trump and that Corona is a hoax… Only one person. It gives me hope that the idiots online are just loud asf and use alts – that there aren’t that many irl that believe the bullshit hoax theory.

  • Stuart Bailey 7 months ago

    Correction, the trump administration being terrible, is making it look terrible…..🙄

  • Akila Smith 7 months ago

    “Amish potato,” made me laugh louder than I should’ve.

  • Alfred Degiorgio 7 months ago

    Trump boasts he’s a genius of the stables, but actually, he excels as a genius of corruption; TRUMP IS “THE GREAT CORRUPTER”! The Trump Virus infects and weakens the brain, specifically the area where most of our decent instincts, habits, and integrity are stored. Trump corrupted his entire family, all GOP renegades in Congress except McCain and Romney, most WH staff advisers, his entire Cabinet, renegade GOP State Governors, etc., etc.. THERE IS NO VACCINE FOR THE TRUMP VIRUS!

  • Raven Angel 7 months ago

    OK, is it just me or is Stephen really crazy tonight, like he’s stoned or a bit tipsy but dam it’s hilarious. Enjoy, pray you don’t get put back to stage one in NY like we have.

  • Fergal Hughes 7 months ago


  • A F 7 months ago

    There’s absolutely no way he’ll hold China responsible.

  • Steven 7 months ago

    Trumps face is paste. And its kinda drippy looking.

  • Jason Blackwell 7 months ago

    You know, as entertaining as this is…I kind of miss the sober Stephen Colbert.

  • Sabrina Kopke 7 months ago

    Sending ballots to dogs? Is that really an arguing point? I mean I know he’s dumb but COME ON

  • Shana Thompson 7 months ago

    ohhhh that baby had me in stitches!!!!

  • Sveti Nikola 7 months ago

    Those douche bags are now getting the virus… just keep it to yourselves and don’t spread it. You’ve been warned and still you took it for granted, ignorance is a bliss.

  • Bevan Bennett 7 months ago

    Love the hair!
    Shaggy Solidarity!
    Never Going Back To The Office!

  • Keln 7 months ago

    We need more headbanging Stephen 🙂

  • Michele Kett 7 months ago

    The baby and vaca-lax were priceless.

  • Spiritualistic 7 months ago

    12:47 – *cue heavy metal track* 😄

  • Rebecca T. 7 months ago

    9:28 “I THINK DOGS SHOULD BE ABLE TO VOTE!!” Griffin McElroy, 2016 (The Boy Mayor of Second Life)

  • brandobond 7 months ago

    The pure idiotic vitriol that spews out of the mouth of Trump and his lackeys makes me so sick. I could hardy enjoy Stephen’s jokes because I was too sad and disturbed. America, get this monster out already!

  • Chris Graham 7 months ago

    For many months we have known that the CCP Regime has concealed, controlled and manipulated the reported numbers of COVID-19 infections and deaths in China. A communist regime that has the will and free ability to deceive and control the Chinese people and misreport to the World. This regime of lying, dishonorable, scumbag autocrats will sink to the lowest possible human level in order to maintain their maniacal struggle to maintain their power. Oh!…You say “Coronavirus hospital data will now be sent to the Trump administration instead of to the CDC?” ……………SOUND FAMILIAR???

  • Ayay01 7 months ago

    Damn he is rocking a Bobby Ewing hairdo…and pulls it off :;

  • Didem 7 months ago

    All the data points to the cases. Where is all the data of the actual deaths by SARS-COVID 2? Isn’t that the main concern during an “outbreak” (redefined)? The populace is being fed propagandized manure of an amount never known before in all of the history of mankind. Even the definition of “truth” is being changed for the effort.
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