Trump’s Sahara Desert Border Wall & Marijuana for Maine Lobsters | The Daily Show

Published on September 23, 2018

Donald Trump reportedly suggests that Spain build a border wall in Africa, two Boston Red Sox fans hold a banner hostage, and a Maine restaurant gets its lobsters stoned.



  • Fleur Willems 2 years ago

    Tooth real version nightmare German deficit produce some Olympic soon.

  • Dr Boggle 2 years ago

    Know what no wall or border gets you? Ramon Alberto Escobar, a guy deported 6 times now charged with attempting to murder sleeping homeless people by beating them to death with a baseball bat. Liberal idiots…

  • hankashley 2 years ago

    45 is a prick. Trumpsuckers are idiots.

  • Jlassi Jlali 2 years ago

    wait a moment i already see this! the Mad King:

  • Japhet Ndafi 2 years ago

    Toad penis???

  • reincarN8ed 2 years ago

    That Red Sox story was the most Boston thing Ive heard.

  • jenifer guevara 2 years ago

    currently watching while high as a kite and now thinking about lobsters

  • Bob M 2 years ago

    Do you think Trump also recommended to the Spanish foreign minister that he tell the Spanish people that Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco will pay for it?

  • Sekgabo Malefho 2 years ago

    Fell off a truck, I have seen shameless, didnt know it was real

  • Michael Russell 2 years ago

    He is a retarded person

  • Cedric Myrsky 2 years ago

    Hi Trevor. Wouldn’t it be better to tackle the problems why people are migrating rather than build a wall anywhere. If the people really want to come, they’ll be there before the wall is ready. The people coming over have a different cultural background, have a hard time adjusting anyway to society and are often enslaved as workers. China already has the Great Wall and i think it’s the only long wall worth keeping.

  • Isaac 2 years ago

    A lobster’s nervous system is incapable of processing pain as humans do

  • bobby elmi 2 years ago

    That pickup line is a bit too good for trump to come up with tho

  • Luis Balbuena 2 years ago

    This is not fair for them Trump he should be nicer and make a deal with Mexico that would be fair like money or something?

  • Mr.King 2 years ago

    0:56 perfect pickup line

  • surveyhart 2 years ago

    oh boy… share

  • TheMrVengeance 2 years ago

    ….Just.. disregard for a minute that Spain can’t just build a wall in Africa.. and that it’s moronic to even think of building a wall across an entire continent (yes the US one too)… Disregard all that. *The migrants coming to Europe, don’t come from the middle to bottom half of Africa!*
    They come from Syria, Libya, Iraq. You know, North Africa/Middle East.. ie. On the European side of that fucking stupid wall. Jesus Christ.

  • Aaron Shorts 2 years ago

    Spain got jokes ??

  • Patrick 2 years ago

    Trump needs to understand that the geographic location he’s referring to already has natural and man made borders in place it is already there

  • bigbaddawg101 2 years ago

    Fun fact: A majority of kitchen workers across the country are high.


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