Trump’s Rhetoric and the Christchurch Shootings – Between the Scenes | The Daily Show



  • Mohamed Mohamed 1 month ago

    Not everyone thinks trump is a nice guy

  • Matthew Morris 1 month ago

    I love listening to his introspection. I wish he had more opportunities to air ideas or even discuss them with people. We need more people who think deeply about these societal problems so we can find good solutions.

  • Moha Amip 1 month ago

    I don’t really think he gave it the time it deserved.
    I mean one innocent black gentleman killed by a cop”a whole segment” 50people from different races are dead 2mints?! Doest sound right to me.

  • yamela areesamarn 1 month ago

    If Trump is the product of the white supremacy terrorists, it is dangerous to have such a person to be the president of the USA. The world needs a more compassionate person to run a country this big and this powerful.

  • Marjah Hosny de Zabil 1 month ago

    Trevor why don’t you speak out against Jeanne pirro comments about rep Ilham omar???

  • Hakosoft The Eldritch 1 month ago

    the fact that you called what happen in Newzealand by ” NZ shooting” and did not mentioned the word Islam, muslims or mosque for 3 minute prove that all of u are hypocrites. and hate muslims. imagine if this happen to christians or jewish people. the shooter will be dead , exploaded and the only thing that remain of him is his passport with the word muslim on it. the news will not be ” nz shooting” but a terrorist muslim attempt to kill our christian comunity”. u fucks

  • Angie Evans 1 month ago

    I agree 💖 thanks Trevor

  • Ngala Hansel 1 month ago

    I think what Trevor is saying in other words is that this terrorist who saw Trump as an inspiration was motivated to carry out his attacks because of Trump! Well said Trevor.

  • Heba Yassin 1 month ago

    Why you are keep saying the shutter instead of terrorist???

  • Im Right U’re Wrong 1 month ago

    I expected a better argument on this sad topic

  • Reyna 1 month ago


  • Varun Srinivasan 1 month ago

    So, he’s basically an orange Agent Smith?

  • Kelly Reilly-Robinson 1 month ago

    Absolutely spot on Trevor!

  • Destroying Fake News 1 month ago

    NZ’s gun laws are to blame.

  • Кирилл Попель 1 month ago

    Trump is not a white supremacist. He’s a conman who’s riding a wave of people’s fear and anxiety.

  • إدريس عبد الشكور 1 month ago

    that white fear is the epitome of white guilt.

  • norizanmohd 1 month ago

    It’s weird to see the same narrative. I mean the man is not a mere shooter. He’ s a terrorist. Call him what he is as PM Jessica puts it. Or the word is only reserved for one particular set of religion, I wonder..hmmm.

  • Icewallow Hot come 1 month ago

    Man, you are all sheep listening to a puppet.

  • sirdeadlock 1 month ago

    I’m being replaced by automation.
    You saying someday I get to put my fear aside, realize the machines are people too, then we can go dancing?

  • taby khan 1 month ago

    Trump is idiot but not Hippocrates


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