Trump’s Prison Reform Plan, Theresa May’s Brexit Plan & Women’s Beard Preferences | The Daily Show

Published on November 18, 2018

Donald Trump backs a criminal justice reform plan, British Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit plan goes down disastrously, and a study shows women find stubble attractive.



  • Alison Taylor 10 months ago

    I can’t stand Scott. As a black woman that snake is a disgusting individual. I hate him. And, I don’t know him. I got to deal with that bc he isn’t thinking abt me and don’t know me. But, he is just the worst. And, for what? Money? Look at him? I hope that money last and is worth it. Straight Harriet Tubman. On site. Anything pops off.

  • alivic carlito 10 months ago

    Hey trever ben laden called and he wants his beard back

  • South African women in Sport H 10 months ago

    😂😂😂😂 when he came with the Beard

  • Suspekt Zer0 10 months ago

    Funny- if you’re middle easterner or look middle easterner that beard doesn’t help much.Plus let’s take into account beards don’t look right on every man and could work against you instead lol.

  • vmah0111 10 months ago

    Plan…. is a strong word to describe anything Trump does..

  • Enlightened Perry 10 months ago

    it’s so weird, now beards are in

  • Darcy Kahler 10 months ago

    Best laugh I’ve had in a couple of days. Trevor clean shaven and BAM Trevor with a crappy beard. Really a laugh out loud moment. 😀

  • mountain boy 10 months ago

    Wow, i had no idea #brexit is a portmanteau for #brunch and exit

  • Jamedra A 10 months ago

    That shaving thing…. goatee should have been a choice.

  • Krishna Murthy 10 months ago

    How many noticed “SPECCUM” INSTEAD OF SPECTRUM??

  • KymSalabim 10 months ago

    Wtf I’m doing no shave November n madd honeys been telling me to keep it n grow it out….and everytime I hear that I’m like “really?!” And know seeing this I might not take it off

  • Tuna 10 months ago

    I love trevor, beard or cleanly shaven ☺💙

  • Max Knight 10 months ago

    Unfortunately my gene doesn’t do beard.. Been growing it since high school but almost a decade later, there still countable strain of hair on my chin

  • KANE7 10 months ago

    i thought we were not supposed to be body shaming people? we are actually caring to find the numbers for facial hair preference to women. i tell you what, clean shaven or beard ladies, if the guy has the spirit of anger in his heart, you should not be with him. go back to the days of actually waiting for a guy to put a ring on your finger before sleeping with him. that way, you know this person is with you, and not for the sex. men, not any woman gets to have you. you are to have preferences as well for what is physically appealing to you, and can voice that. if women are placing judgement on the hair of your body, then you can voice your preferences on the hair of womens body. even then, she can be beautiful on the outside but wicked on the inside, so better to be with a woman who does not have anger or bitterness in her life.

  • Sunshine Monroe 10 months ago

    He went from” lock em up” to prison reform? This is a farce…

  • ziljin 10 months ago

    Trump vs Brexit. Which was the worst decision?

  • AAA Atheist 10 months ago

    I got married with my face full stubble. Caught a little flack from everyone but my wife!!!she hates me clean shaved.

  • rui silva 10 months ago

    hehehehe hes preparing hes new home …

  • Movingwaves 10 months ago

    Hahaha Trevor is funny man! That beard killed me.

  • Marlene Gerdts 10 months ago

    Wow 100,000 can get out of prison earlier. What happens with the other 1,900,000.00?

    What happens with the sub human conditions in jails and prisons?

    What happens with the growing private prisons and the tents used to house immigrants babies?

    What happens with the practice of housing inmates in solitary confinement for life?

    What happens with rapes and sexual violence?

    What happens with no rehabilitation programs?

    What happens with inequities of parole boards?

    What is being done with long sentences?

    Why are prisoners exploited as free labor?


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