Trump’s Phone Call with Georgia Election Officials Could Be a Crime: A Closer Look

Published on January 4, 2021

Seth takes a closer look at President Trump trying his hardest to get impeached again and prosecuted after he pressured the Georgia secretary of state to overturn election results.

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  • Bad at Gaming 2 years ago

    I imagine republicans can’t even watch tv anymore without being reminding they are garbage humans fighting against democracy. What kind of life must that be for all republicans? Feels bad man.

  • Andrea Hood 2 years ago

    Army wife (retired) here. I can verify that my family, combat vet included, did not give our votes to the outgoing president. Also, the military has to stand respectfully in uniform. It doesn’t mean that many of them aren’t disgusted by his unpatriotic behavior. No president ever gets 100% of the military vote.

  • W.S. Soap Company 2 years ago

    I’m glad you mentioned the name thing. Pretty sure it was a wink to knot Zs.

  • Levi Schaffer 2 years ago

    I’ve been waiting for this for video for… 67 hours. But who’s counting

  • Edward Harman 2 years ago

    looks like he will be running away to scotland. BAD NEWS FOR HIM IS GOLF NOT ALLOWED DUE TO LOCKDOWN. HAHAHAHA

  • Zazoo Kluk 2 years ago

    Trump should’ve said to raffensperger. I’ll make you an offer you couldn’t refuse!

  • Brad Stapleton 2 years ago

    You know those people that are laughing in the background? They’ve heard those jokes like 4 times before through rehearsals.

  • Primalxbeast 2 years ago

    “Trump won the military by a lot.”
    It’s still disturbing that he insists on referring to himself in the third person.

  • daily report 2 years ago

    Seth got a good 15 days till you dont have any great content anymore. Since trump will be leaving office😔

  • Inder S 2 years ago

    I look forward to this segment every friggen day

  • billy the dead 2 years ago

    I want to beat these republicans with an old shoe

  • Mcky McObvious 2 years ago

    WELP! I’ve been waiting all day for this.

  • Susan 2 years ago

    Happy 2021

  • BMO isgood 2 years ago

    Vote negative test positive is just. *Chef’s kiss*

  • James Stange 2 years ago

    No matter how many people who is responsible for killing with kovid and how many people hes ripped off and ruined before becoming the worst president ever I still have to feel sorry for him because hes not smart enough to even understand his own actions it’s like chastising a retarded dog for peeing on the carpet

  • Richard Bambenek 2 years ago

    Trump has a unique way of using the English language. His choice of words is quite interesting.

  • Peter Bathum 2 years ago

    Happy New year . Thank Fox news division based profit model who scream lies in all their rhetoric enflaming hate and racism and ignoring factual reason.

  • manx77 2 years ago

    Trump is a “stable genius,” which is why he’s brainstorming with all of these ideas – like when he suggested that disinfectant could be injected to cure covid.

  • marcy 2 years ago

    Moral & immoral people support those who are like themselves.
    That which like unto itself is drawn
    Birds of a feather, stick together.
    Trump & his political supporters will be linked together in History Books.

  • Joseph Felix 2 years ago

    are we sure the bone spurs were in his feet?


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