Trump’s One Advisor, Fake Nudes – Monologue



  • Chintan Contractor 10 months ago

    Got to drop that mandatory ‘FIRST’ comment

  • Jan Babiuch-Hall 10 months ago

    Or get the poison stabbed into their leg with an umbrella.

  • Billy Ouko 10 months ago

    They forgot ‘Bugger!’ on the British Terror Alert System

  • MegaHentai00 10 months ago

    “Illegitimate and unfair”? Are we sure he wasn’t referring to Trump’s presidency?

  • Samuel Goldfish 10 months ago

    Imagine seeing nude photos of the POTUS😂 What a time to be alive

  • shakazed 10 months ago

    Top ten!

  • TSK 10 months ago

    Who knows Stormy Daniels might save USA.

  • Luqe Prisecaru 10 months ago

    wth did you do to that poor stork…

  • Illusionary Haze 10 months ago

    Storky Daniels may be my favorite joke of the week

  • gb nq 10 months ago

    Melania, check if Don signed the pre-nup!

  • Richard Ainsworth 10 months ago

    Actually I think you find red alert is “spilled the tea/beer“

  • John C John 10 months ago

    Great work, Seth. Now you just triggered a massive porn search for “Storky Daniels”.

  • Blessed Rootz 10 months ago

    Trump is a disgrace smh

  • Helen M 10 months ago

    As an English person, I can confirm that is the terror alert system the people live by.

  • mestre12 10 months ago

    Storky Daniels. Who ever come up with that one deserve a raise

  • Return of Zeus 10 months ago

    This is who Trump is really colluding with.

    The House of Savoy are a top royal bloodline and the owners of the Genovese crime family which are extorting Wall Street for the House of Savoy. The Savoy family have been made the unofficial Dukes of Geneva today and are a top authority in Switzerland. The Savoy family governed Geneva for a period of time in service to the Vatican and were Dukes of Genova, Italy. Vittorio Emanuele IV holds the title of Prince of Naples and has a residence in Geneva Switzerland. The House of Savoy ruled the Dukedom of Savoy located in the Swiss-French-Italian region which is part of France today. The Savoy family created the Banque de Savoie in 1851 which still operates in France. The House of Savoy had a French Savoy-Carignano family branch ruling in French controlled Turin. Pierre Castel is a French billionaire winemaker worth about 9 billion and lives in Geneva. Prince Emanuele Filiberto of Savoy is married to the French actress Clotilde Courau. The Genovese crime family take their name from Vito Genovese who was born in a Naples commune just as Vittorio is the Prince of Naples. The Gigante family that also ran the Genovese crime family were from Naples as well. Genovese is a surname for someone from Genoa Italy or from Geneva Switzerland. Genoa or Genova in Italian is the same word as Geneva is Swiss. Prince Vittorio is married to the wicked Princess Marina Doria who was born in Switzerland. The Doria family were one of the wealthiest banking families in Genoa for centuries.

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  • Brain y yuck 10 months ago

    When same people dont swear like a bunch of cretins but you still find a way to make fun of em


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