Trump’s Nuclear Plan: It’s Funny Because Nothing Matters Anymore

Published on January 11, 2017

By firing all of Obama’s appointees to the Nuclear Security Administration, President-Elect Trump is plunging the country into ever-deeper realms of uncertainty.

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  • Why you gotta go there 3 years ago

    Usually it’s the politicians doing the mental gymnastics, but Trump, and
    his team learned these mental gymnastics from his supporters. Can you
    imagine if Hilary said “I could shot someone in the head and not lose any
    voters” what would they say? But when trump says it? It’s a joke.

    Trump has on 3 different occasions talked about wanting to date his own
    daughter, has been accused by his ex-wife of rape. and has had a tape
    leaked where he has said “I just start kissing them I don’t even wait”
    “When you’re a star you can do anything, grab them by the pussy, anything”
    but trump supporters would rather go after immigrants for wanting to go
    after their women.

    Trump supporters love saying “All Lives matter” But how about when it comes
    to Syrian refugees? “New phone who this”

    Trump supporters go around claiming that they care about “PC outrage” but
    their dear leader has sued people over jokes before, including the onion,
    and Bill Maher. He has also banned many different media outlets from
    covering him because “they won’t cover me right”. He has had many media
    pens made that he used to make sure the media could not cover him properly
    before, he didn’t allow the media to interview people at his rallies before
    He has kicked out protesters just for silently holding posters and wearing
    shirts before. He has also said he wants to open up the Libel laws so that
    it will be easier for him to sue media companies that report on him in ways
    he does not like. And on his ask Reddit he banned certain question, and now
    he is saying that the theater should be a “safe place” and nobody should
    ever question his vp or it’s “harassment” and what do they have to say
    about that? Nothing, that’s all acceptable, and warranted.

    Trump has the support of the kkk before, and after the election, and he
    acted like he didn’t know who David Duke was. His supporters either ignore
    it, or make excuses, but someone that used to be a in the Klan early in his
    life, but changed his ways was called a mentor by Hilary, and they still
    won’t shut up about it.

    They will watch a TAPE of trump mocking a handicapped reporter, and not
    believe it, but they will believe that a Pizzashop that has no basement ran
    a child sex ring inside the basement, because they can somehow loosely
    connect it to Hilary. Do I like Hilary? No, but the mental gymnastics that
    trump pulls he learns from his supporters. It’s the first time I have seen
    something like this.

  • Marco Joseph Cheung (MJC) 3 years ago

    Hot golden piss is steaming, Stephen

  • NK TT 3 years ago


  • New Message (Unread) 3 years ago

    Trump music sounds a bit like Schroeder from Peanuts finally resolving to
    just.. make Lucy disappear.

  • Jackie M 3 years ago

    joking aside, OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!

  • Sunny Mehta 3 years ago

    I will be spending the next 4 years in a protctive bubble

  • Captain Obvious 3 years ago

    I have one question for Trump supporters: If tomorrow, it was discovered
    that Trump stole tens of millions of dollars from tax payers, colluded with
    international governments to win the presidency, committed a serious act of
    treason, and caught on camera having sex with a 15 year old and
    there was 100% irrefutable evidence for all of these charges and he was
    thrown in jail….would you still support him?

    Note: If your answer is no, you are lying.

  • Zakariye batalaale 3 years ago

    from somalia, stephen colbert i’m your fan.

  • Mitchell Maytorena 3 years ago

    It’s almost official. Welcome to the era of President Putin and First Lady
    Donald Trump.

  • nenafan1 3 years ago

    CBS… for the love of all things good and holy, PLEASE keep Stephen on the
    air through these next 4 atrocious years.

    We’ll need him to point out the daily bullshit from the Trump
    administration, and more importantly for a laugh now and then.

  • KingOfMadCows 3 years ago

    Last year, I thought Mad Max: Fury Road was a great action movie with
    incredible stunts and practical effects. Now I realize that it’s a chilling
    prophecy of our inevitable doom.

  • CouchPotatoCNPB 3 years ago

    11:10 he points out the fuzzy hand cuffs but not the lube and double ended

  • Geoff Ozzy 3 years ago

    I think I just fell down the rabbit hole… is this shit really happening?

  • F- tech 3 years ago

    This isn’t even comedy. This is just a person making perfect sense for
    11minutes and 37 seconds.

  • stu crawford 3 years ago

    Trump has made a massive boost to US comedy even before he takes over.

  • Aron en Ark 3 years ago

    There should really be restraints on how much damage one man can do.

  • Le Docteur 3 years ago

    I hear people start buying bunkers in Canada, and they’re on sale right now
    75% off!

  • fidorover 3 years ago

    *Tiffany Trump Selected to Head National Nuclear Security Administration.*
    *New York, NY (Associated Press) January 11, 2017.*
    In a wholly unexpected move by President-elect Donald Trump, the incoming
    president appointed his 23-year-old socialite daughter Tiffany to be in
    charge of America’s powerful nuclear arsenal. Ms. Trump was reportedly
    unaware that she was even under consideration for the post, as she was
    apparently “in shock” when texted the news by her father while she was
    getting a mani/pedi at an upscale New York City day spa. Concerns are being
    raised by several members of Congress, as it was leaked that soon after
    receiving the news, Ms. Trump was seen Googling “What does nuclear mean?”
    When asked by the AP to comment, Ms. Trump said, “I’m super excited daddy
    has given me this opportunity — and it’s my first job ever! I had just
    applied yesterday to be a hostess at Tavern on the Green, but this pays way
    better. I’m super psyched!” She later added, “I hope everyone will be way
    supportive of me… oh, and please follow me on Instagram.” The AP has been
    unable to find anything in Ms. Trump’s background that would even remotely
    qualify her for the job, though she does have an Instagram post from a July
    4th fireworks display in which she remarked, “I love explosions!” Ms. Trump
    is expected to sail through confirmation hearings in the
    Republican-controlled Senate. When asked for comment on the matter, Russian
    President Vladimir Putin said (through a Kremlin translator), “Wait… what?” *Story

  • pcuimac 3 years ago

    For once no mention of the P-word.

  • Akmal Ibrahim 3 years ago

    You watched Big Bang Theory when you could’ve watched Bernie’s townhall?


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