Trump’s New Chief of Staff & Stephen Miller’s New Hairline | The Daily Show

Published on December 17, 2018

Tonight at 11/10c!

Mick Mulvaney becomes Trump’s acting chief of staff despite calling the president a “terrible human being,” Ryan Zinke is pushed out of his Secretary of the Interior post, and Stephen Miller debuts a new sprayed-on hairstyle while discussing the potential government shutdown on “Face the Nation.”



  • Edward Pincus 2 years ago

    While I’m not a Freudian, I’d sure like to know about S. Miller’s childhood and early relationships, if he had any that is. Surely something went very wrong for him in human relationship terms. He must have been twisted from the get-go to have ended up so misanthropic, so full of fear and hatred for humanity. May he never reproduce … .

  • Morty Tashman 2 years ago

    “Donald Trump: The Most Obvious Grifter And Biggest Con Man Since Bernie Madoff!” Fuck you, you low-IQ mobster. Make no mistake, Individual-1; everyone is on to your sorry orange ass. And you will pay for your treasonous crimes to our country.

  • Andethidial 2 years ago

    “Midlife crisis Harry Potter” xD

  • Yve Parizz 2 years ago

    Miller’s hair looks like vagina hair. He certainly is a slimy pussy.

  • Rosita A. Huff 2 years ago

    ??America deserves better?? That Steven Miller guy….is ugly…inside and out!

  • bb77077 2 years ago

    The scary thing about America is that there are more like Trump out there, in our governments, in big business.

  • sam newcome 2 years ago

    Why would someone choose the Hannibal Lecter hairline if they have a choice.

  • Knegrodamus 2 years ago

    Stephen Miller looks like Megamind ??

  • Mysterious Cat 2 years ago

    This is you fill in the blank.

  • michael chiyeni 2 years ago

    The miller hairline joke was a classic

  • Lion Chavez 2 years ago

    Dr. Patch Adams would be a great guest.

  • Juan Pedro Mariano 2 years ago

    Stephen Miller, aka the Joseph Goebbels of today. Uncanny resemblance

  • David Rodriguez 2 years ago

    He is so hilarious. South African in America. His job is to troll people for a living. Damn his is funny. I wish I can do the same go to south Africa and troll his country. Oh wait I don’t want to live there.

  • firespinnr 2 years ago

    Somewhere out there is a Trumpet saying they just don’t understand Trump. Which makes it far more sinister and just plain old fucked up that Trumpets still think Trump is great.

  • kulhuk 7 2 years ago

    Mulvaney likely railroaded into this job by Trump.

  • MLG GAMER 2 years ago

    The ironic thing is that he says to Miller “There’s no place for people with weird hair, Rumba escort him out!” But he has a toupee too!!!! LOL

  • Nahom Werku 2 years ago

    The jokes just wright them selves

  • inr63 2 years ago

    I love Trevor & the DS but Mick Mulvaney is just as terrible a human being.“/
    He dismantled the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau & has handed out all sorts of goodies & favors to the financial industry.
    If that’s going back to normal, then no thank you.
    We need PROGRESSION!
    Get the money OUT of politics already.

  • juno 2 years ago

    why does this video have 1.75x??????

  • Mary Marsella 2 years ago

    Emphasis on toupee.


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