Trump’s motorcade tells the truth about the coup

Published on November 16, 2020

President Trump waves to supporters during the Million MAGA March, but his motorcade gives a reality check about the Rudy Giuliani-led coup. Watch the full segment on CBS All Access. #TOTN #TooningOut.

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Clip air date 11/17/2020

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  • fred fox 2 months ago

    The million MAGGOT march.

  • David Patterson 2 months ago

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  • ThE DuCk 2 months ago

    Soon it will just be Trump and MAGA — McDonald’s And Golf Again !

  • Matthew Davis Buehrer 2 months ago

    More like the Thousand Trumpladyte Tantrum

  • Jeanine P 2 months ago

    it is all about his ego, so sad for the country. Shame on the GOP for allowing this to happen. Let’s flip the senate in GA to let them know Biden is in charge. Help the process, donate, make calls, time to get the Senate for the sake of our country.

  • Arno Sinclair 2 months ago

    tRumplicans maga blood is the cancer of america!

  • Thomas Swindell 2 months ago

    A million maca March?? He has a million followers and not ALL voted for him??

  • Filipe Costa 2 months ago

    Scorpion also poison itself when trapped in a ring of fire

  • DrPhil 420 2 months ago

    MAGA – Molesting Adolescent Girls Again

  • Benjamin Gal-Or 2 months ago

    [Nov 17] OPEN LETTER to the SUPREME CT – WHY, unlike in 2000, doing nothing, when RUNAWAY HORIZONS OF SURVIVAL of the UNION are petitioning you? – WHY your TIME-INVARIANT DUTY-DESTINY is not effected in face of this growing crisis? – Unequivocally proven by media suppressed-hidden facts presented herein before you to prove the run was totally, legally-void months before effected – concluding, no finality numbers change to COMPARE w GA-Type RUNOFF-Order to effect the sole, no-escape, no alternative, your duty-destiny to provide legal solution to HEAL-SAVE THE UNION & perhaps more, domestically and globally \ WHY SO VOIDED BEFORE RUN? // Free speech of pandemic science, daily published by JHU, WHO, WRLD BNK, CDC, ECDC, NHC, DXY -suppressed-deleted, even herein, by the media because it proves it is NOT EVEN WRONG: U.S. COVID-%-FATALITIES ARE DOWN FROM Oct 22 [2.75 %] to Nov 17 [2.19%], Nov 2 v. [Nov 16]: -Grmny1.97[1.58] -NL2.11[1.88] -Fnlnd2.20[1.91] -U.S.2.51[2.19] -Brzl2.89[2.83] -Frnc2.69[2.26] -Spn2.89[2.71] -AU3.28[3.27] -Cnd4.30[3.68] -UK4.51[3.75] -Swdn4.78[3.48] -Chn5.39[5.37] -Irn5.69[5.42] -Itly5.47[3.79] -Mxc9.92[9.79 (affects U.S. 2.19% ?)] \ Risking its certification by systematically suppressing-deleting, even herein, this fact-science by CNN’s ACOSTA libel of WH failing COVID handling, a key election issue, by scaring voters w big virus-Deaths-NUMBERS, not %, knowingly just Nos. only reflect biggest U.S. population, more techs/methods/people declare-trust hospitals allegedly inflating Nos. paid for. I recuse myself, as scientist (books, Amazon/1Mil+citations by Google), from debating politics. Living in Plm Bch, FL, I saw, in 2000, SC self-assuming its duty-destiny to save the Union. Remaining un-repairables -none can fix 1st invalidations -no alternative is left & no healer in sight, but SC Runoff Order. IN, utube, mails.

  • Joseph Cooper 2 months ago

    This is only a ploy by the Republicans to discredit the next election. They are trying to push for voter ID and to reduce mail in ballots. It’s a classic Republican long game tactic. Sowing sign of doubt to reduce the number of low income and minority votes !!
    See it for what it is.

  • Chafflives 2 months ago

    One thumb to the crowds, the other up his ass.

  • GlobalNewsTH 2 months ago

    Gotta admire these morons for being proud of having the IQ of a rock.
    Here is a good lesson for the children of the world ‘STAY IN SCHOOL’

  • Soldier of Christ 2 months ago

    Trump is acting like an attention starved teenager on Social Media

  • avatar 2 months ago

    Actually drump has been the one, who tries to steal the election. Not Biden. He knew democrats voters will use mail-in ballots massively, so he put his ally in the post office to destroy sorting machines to slow down the delivery nationwide. Then, on the other hand, he spread fake news ahead of the election that would be massive fraudulent votes, at the same time tried to approve a replacement in supreme court quickly, so that he could leverage the power for his advantage. He had plans, but a few things didn’t go his way, as handling election issues belongs to local authorities primarily not fed level. Secondly, quite a few battleground states are run by Republicans, so he couldn’t blame Dems for the fraud, and most importantly he has no evidences, so his lawsuits are being thrown out as fast as they filed. That is what conman does. Very happy that he got beaten squarely. I am celebrating this huge win all the way to January 20th. Democracy has survived.

  • Ro G 2 months ago

    March on Washington in 1968 = 250,000 people calling for equality
    Million Man March in 1995 = 750,000 people calling for equality
    Million Maga March in 2020 = 10,000 people sharing 1 brain cell

  • John Browne 2 months ago

    I’m sure there were some phony ballots. But enough to change the outcome in any state Biden won? Not a chance. As The Doors sang, “When the music’s over, turn out the lights.”

  • Henrik Lindqvist 2 months ago

    Looked like the last days of Muammar Gaddafi, or some other dictator, desperately trying to rally their supporters. Next he’ll be standing on a car roof top with a Kalashnikov.

  • Jonathan Andrew 2 months ago

    So this is considered comedy now, is it?

    No wonder leftists are so dumb.

  • BillyStylo 2 months ago

    What a f****** clown! I cannot believe that my neighbors think that this guy is viable. What is wrong with you! There comes a point where cognizant dissonance comes into play… and you people… Few people need to get a grip because this is an evil man… Historically it is proven that the cult of personality is something that brings only destruction. So if you buy into this remember Adolf Hitler remember James Jones remember Mussolini remember all of these clowns that suffered us. If you continue to be a sucker your children will suffer more


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