Trump’s Mess of Frightening Candidates, Truth Social’s Lies & Jimmy’s Proposal for Mike Lindell

Published on April 27, 2022

Dr. Fauci says that we are out of the “pandemic phase” of the virus, hundreds of nuts are out there still spreading nonsense and unproven ineffective medications, Trump being President was like opening Tandora’s Box of grimy weirdos running for office, Marjorie Taylor Greene & Matt Gaetz are doing podcasts together, there is a funny scenario in progress in the Republican race for Senate in Ohio between Trumper Josh Mandel, and a former “Never Trumper” named JD Vance, Trump’s Truth Social is getting a boost in the news now that Elon Musk is buying Twitter and according to their own community guidelines what they are selling isn’t true, the Biden Administration wants to phase out incandescent bulbs, and Jimmy has a proposal for MyPillow Mike Lindell since he has been spending so much time trying to get our attention.

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  • My Info 2 years ago

    I wish politics would leave comedy.

  • Garfield Harrison 2 years ago

    He remembered that he was White and Privileged calling 45 an idiot. It’s a Circus. That idiot turned politics into deplorables running for office.

  • G Manzo 2 years ago

    Enough Trump already!

  • DEFIER 2 years ago

    jimmy seems to have a heart on for Trump. Hmmmmmmmm?

  • Erik Hellekson 2 years ago

    Elon Bought Twitter…..

  • ldchappell1 2 years ago

    Sheriff’s don’t have the authority to issue arrest warrants you dingbat.
    Judges issue arrest warrants and Sheriffs execute them. Governors can only issue extradition warrants for suspects who flee to other states.

  • Mike 2 years ago

    Good God, what sort of special coke is Mike Lindell snorting these days?

  • Tyson Thomas 2 years ago

    So I think the Matt Damon (fake)fued has turned into the Mike Lindell (fake?fued?). Mike Lindell could bank off of this publicity and make some money and fans! He just needs to stop being crazy! He can turn his whole life around if he just started to make guest spots on the Kimmel show. Come on Mike….be a hero…don’t give in to the weirdness of Trumpness!

  • Harold Randall 2 years ago

    I would hope that a person running for governor would know that only judges can issue warrants not a sheriff

  • Christopher Robin Garrish 2 years ago

    Truth Social is only available on iPhone. Not this Macbook. That’s a stable genius thing.

  • Karin Janssen 2 years ago

    Jimmy and his gaggle of fact checkers and writers are spot on and fill my head with knowledge and laughter every night thought tonight Jimmy looked like he hit the blunt hard.

  • David Cramer 2 years ago

    GOP only panders to the gullible and the stupid these days. Saddest thing ever.

  • Kathy Bowlin 2 years ago

    I feel like everyone in this country has lost their freaking mind!!! Where the hell as common sense gone to..if these people run our country Lord help us all!!! They should give us enough money to leave this country .unfortunately alot of us are stuck here!!!

  • Kate Wilson 2 years ago


  • Rick Simon 2 years ago

    America reported 50,000 new cases yesterday. Germany reported 125,000, and Italy, France, and others had similar numbers. America has at least – AT LEAST – 500,000 new cases per day; they just don’t get reported anymore.


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