Trump’s “Loco” Trade Announcement – Between the Scenes | The Daily Show



  • MistikButterfly 2 years ago

    Yo no soy pendeja!
    I cant breathe . I had to step out of my work place LMAO ????

  • calito44 2 years ago

    ” yo no soy marinero, soy capitan” Bamba , bamba … para bailar la bamba 😛

  • Miggz 1Bay 2 years ago

    Hahaha he knew what he was doing saying that. Trump called himself “PendejA” hahahahahaha

  • Deborah G 2 years ago


  • Gail Albers 2 years ago

    he is trying to court the hispanic quote, like when he ate the taco bowl?

  • 20killershot 2 years ago

    Wait trump really said that

  • sandeep salvi 2 years ago

    Laugh as much as y’all want, you are living in an authoritarian Christian dictatorship.

  • Diego Herrera 2 years ago

    Sure those Gabriel Iglesias did a lot for you!!! LOL

  • guapoxti 2 years ago

    He is loco!!!

  • Julian Camp 2 years ago

    We love you Trevor!

  • Angel L 2 years ago

    Love this man
    “no soy pendeja”

    W E A K ?

  • Jan truitt 2 years ago

    Thank You Noah!?????????

  • Kartoffel Pommes 2 years ago

    Can you just stop shaking the camera. It’s over, you look stupid. We all understand how it works. Trevor is brilliant, the camera and production are moronic. Just. Stop.

  • Taylor Isaac 2 years ago

    Right?! Lol, he is having a good time, one happy dude, even got his look on point lol
    Working that crowd! Jeeze lol

  • Tomek Kolanowski 2 years ago

    Funny to see a gun ownership add before the video. Truly, fits right in.

  • Sumer Rana 2 years ago

    A South African making American laugh at themselves

  • Min Yoongles 2 years ago

    ???he used the female form instead of the male one

  • Neil R 2 years ago

    What a bunch of crazy queers on here!

  • Brandon Rolfes 2 years ago

    Deregulation is being done, to get rid of unneeded red tape that was recently brought on and stifled our local businesses. The was being done, in what seems like to the average person with the ability to use deductive reasoning, in an effort to further our job losses in this country. We can have that debate if you want to, but nothing about what was being done in the Obama years, seemed to help jobs at home. This is the BACKBONE of our economy. So, no jobs, no economy, got it? Ok! Now, the tariffs are making it so it is no longer easier/cheaper for a company to use labor/materials outside of the USA, which is further taking away from our jobs at home. It levels the playing field in the business world, so that is now economically viable for someone to open back up what used to be a local thriving business. Use the steel for example: a local business is shutting down, because they cannot afford Chinese steel, but several local steel companies open back up in the USA and poof, long term (versus the short term) problem solved and guess what, we brought steel back to the USA. Thousands of examples, but you have to actually not be a media fed “sheep” to understand it. FYI – the tax cuts for those at the top, help offset all this crazy costs fluctuations.

  • abber 2 years ago

    Trevor Noah: Master Of Accents


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