Trump’s Leaked Private Schedule Causes a Stir | The Daily Show

Published on February 8, 2019

President Trump unveils a dubious defense of his plan to withdraw from Syria, and his leaked schedule suggests he spends most of his day doing nothing.



  • Jay Winslett 2 years ago

    Now this is how you start your day off, with a good laugh! ?? #happyfridayyall

  • Al69BfR 2 years ago

    Since Trumps Kids probably inherited DJTs big abrain they are all good with playing football. Nothing can hurt an abrain.

  • Blak 2 years ago

    Lol. “Trump” and “Leaked”.

  • Robert Valenti 2 years ago

    The reason I hate these shows is not because they aren’t funny, they really are. The reason I do is because it causes further division to a level that’s beyond ridiculous. Because now to be a conservative or libertarian white male, you are apparently a misogynistic, sexist, rapist, racist bigot, and if you don’t agree with every far left agenda, your a Trump lover. It breaks down the ability to have conversation and debate and have people with different opinions able to co-exist in the same society anyway, literally the POINT of America. Now it’s painted as “anything I don’t agree with is offensive.” And that’s ridiculous. Nothing is black and white and to just blindly hate the other side for no reason is appalling. Conservatives are not deplorables, in fact, they follow facts more than raw emotion like the far left does. What’s deplorable is safe spaces, rejection of logic, attack on free speech and victimization of people who aren’t really victimized but are virtue signaling, and ruining of people’s lives or making people with conservative views feel unable to put their voice out there because conservatism is considered Naziism. Well, news flash… the Nazis targeted specific groups using the media to villainize them, then use that perception by the people to change laws and discriminate against them, taking their rights and eventually mass killing them because of their beliefs or “looks.” In a SJW country now that preaches equality but shames straight white men for existing, isn’t this turning the SJWs into Nazis? Not letting them speak, calling them evil and deplorable, filling the media and all of our movies and shows with SJW propaganda and political agendas of the far left. It’s happening slowly but surely, and it’s literally breaking down the reality of true debate and what our country actually stands for, the whole reason we came here in the first place. For freedom of speech, right to choose religion, and to be able to voice opinions without being attacked or labeled. It’s almost like they think “white man had it good for too long, so now if he has any complaint or anything it doesn’t matter because he’s privileged.” That’s bullshit. For ANY race or person. Even if you are not currently going through a situation, you as a human and person of society can voice your opinion on a subject based off of research and how that situation can affect life around you and those you care about. If I don’t get shot in the face I can’t talk about guns? If I don’t have a vagina I can’t talk about abortion? Read a book people. Don’t just get all of your information from these shows, meant for COMEDY and paid for by a liberal institution, and call it news. Same with Fox News same with any of these shows take them for what they are. Entertainment. Then do your OWN research, gather the facts on BOTH sides, then formulate your opinion from there.

  • In hell .# 2 years ago

    Nailed it ??

  • Christel Headington 2 years ago

    Shocking! Are you saying Donald isn’t perfect? Who would’ve thunk it?

  • kulhuk 7 2 years ago

    3:44 Reading papers???? Really?

  • Cachi - 2 years ago

    Be Best…he doesn’t do anything. The more dumbass Trump “does”, the more he wrecks the country, the environment, and the world quite frankly.

  • falcore91 2 years ago

    1:43 I could make friends? Brb, gotta cut out all of my seat belts.

  • brostenen 2 years ago

    Trump has chosen the wrong line of work…. He has fucked up everything, gone bankrupt numereous times. Yet talks like a sports commentator. Perhaps he would not have gone bankrupt, if he had persued a different job to do.

  • Mohamed Abdulkadir 2 years ago

    Donald Trump knows what not pulling out causes; Eric Trump

  • eyiamoni apeji 2 years ago

    Cheese burgers and naptimes!! Y’all elected a preschooler??

  • Ashley Rose 2 years ago

    This one was REALLY good! That joke brought back at the end…GOLD.

  • Gatechsq 2 years ago

    As funny a segment this is, I found myself not disagreeing with Trump…which rarely happens.

  • Joe From Cincinnati 2 years ago

    The first minute of this video is actually really jarring. Watching Trump give a coherent, rational and thoughtful response to a question is legitimately bizarre.

  • Dan Bee 2 years ago

    When the sounds literate, you know we’ve switched into another universe by the plasticity synapse of spacetime. It just happens, unexplainable…for now.

  • SpinDash 2 years ago

    Since when does Trump respect the opinions of football players?

  • Hayward Bomaye 2 years ago

    Trump talking like he got sense


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