Trump’s Lawyer Michael Cohen Wasn’t Expecting Company

Published on April 10, 2018

Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen had his office, residence and hotel room raided by the FBI. Ugh, Mondays!

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  • Venadore 10 months ago

    He’s Cohen to jail.

  • V 10 months ago

    When your lawyer needs a lawyer……

  • Anomic Anchorite 10 months ago

    But, but, but Podesta!

  • A Wee Scots Dog 10 months ago

    “Witch Hunt” (A play on words – in the key of C)

    The President snorted and with a grunt
    Said “Mueller’s raid on Cohen is a stunt
    The judge found it abhorrent
    Yet he still signed the warrant
    But I heard that he said ‘who for? Witch hunt!’ ”

    “What’s that you say about H’s and C’s?
    And also something about too many T’s?
    Well I don’t give a damn
    For your crude anagram
    Just hurry up now and spell it out please?”

    But when the lexical soup it was stirred
    Trump discovered that the judge he’d misheard
    The phrase “witch hunt” – Trump’s delusion
    But the judge did say “collusion”
    Which, fun fact, is the alternative c-word

  • Ashmita Nandy 10 months ago

    3:00 Lmao look at his smug face!! I bet he couldn’t *wait* coming back just to be able to talk about this story!! 😂😂😂

  • Kim Jong Fun 10 months ago

    It’s never a good sign when your lawyer needs lawyers, and what worse is, Trump’s lawyer’s lawyer is even dumber than Trump’s lawyer.

  • Sapians No Homo Though 10 months ago

    “I did not once think about Donald trumps penis” said Melania

  • Thraazon 1976 10 months ago

    Why waste time with that pawn?
    Mueller should finally go for Trump. This travesty has gone for far too long imo.
    Better get that jerk out of the office now before something bad happens to all of us.
    (No need to say that there are Nukes at that madmans disposal)

  • Buffsbeard 10 months ago

    69 Minutes …. That made me smile .

  • SJP 10 months ago

    Ahhh the taint! My very favourite chin rest!

  • Ricky OldBoy 10 months ago

    Welcome back I missed you Stephen

  • 223Drone 10 months ago

    Trump supporters are ignoring the fact that the raid was approved by a Trump appointed attorney. When said fact is brought up they’ll resort to whataboutism by bringing up Clinton. This is example 3490 as to why Trump supporters can’t defend their dear leader logically.

  • camelshit 10 months ago

    I’m a bit conflicted here.. Along with a decidedly elated feeling over trump’s imminent downfall and reckoning, I can’t escape this growing anxiety over what desperate measures he might take to try to escape his fate . . . . .

  • Somme Tinonme 10 months ago

    Makes the fires at Trump Tower even more suspicious if they knew Cohen was going to get raided…

  • Jim Naylor 10 months ago

    Oh Stephen, you make treason funny.

  • Bill O'reilly 10 months ago

    Trump supporters are ignoring the fact that the raid was approved by a Trump appointed attorney

  • KingOfMadCows 10 months ago

    I think the catchphrase in “Taint Team” was “I titty the fool!”

  • lolocopter K 10 months ago





  • Lugmillord 10 months ago

    Remember when a president had to face an empeachment trial just for having sex with another woman and lying about it? But with Spanky, it’s just “one of many things”.

  • stefanos2691 10 months ago

    Steven, you have put weight on. They feed you over there but they don’t exercise you. Someone must start taking you out for regular walks.


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