Trump’s Last Ditch Effort to Avoid Indictment, Grand Jury Leaves Us Hanging & Musk’s A.I. Warning

Published on March 29, 2023

Researchers have discovered a new 13-sided shape called “the hat,” Apple unveiled a new function called “Pay Later” where you get a “loan” and pay it back later, the Grand Jury in Manhattan is still out on Donald Trump and will be on a hiatus for the next two weeks, Trump spent the morning railing against the D.A. in Manhattan and kissing up to the grand jury members, he has been begging and bragging on Fox News and sat down for a two-part interview with Hannity about Putin, Jimmy has an idea for how presidential candidates can test their cognitive function, Donny says he feels like Elvis now that he has a song by the January 6th choir, Lauren Boebert of Colorado grilled a D.C. Council member today over the one of the most important issues facing this fractured nation, Mike Pence was busy chatting it up with voters in Iowa, and we got in touch with an expert in the field of A.I.

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  • Emmanuel Ginikanwa 1 year ago

    America is quite a unique place. How this guy became president still bedazzles me

  • Matthew Lindsay 1 year ago

    “Better not do it” put a hand through my skull.

  • AZOffRoadster 1 year ago

    Musk left OpenAI because he didn’t like where they were heading. He was right. They lost the meaning of Open.

  • Princess Tiarra 1 year ago

    Great show thank you for the dumps on Trump it helps keep us sane to laugh at our current situation.

  • John D 1 year ago

    You people are absolutely clueless. You are fighting with each other over petty issues while The WEF has already implemented plans to make your cash utterly useless and switch everyone over to a Central Bank Digital Currency. That the government has full controll over you, and your spending. Wake up !

  • Pop Culture Hall of Fame 1 year ago

    There are some people in that congress who would have negative scores at an IQ test

  • Wanker Tanker ⅖ 1 year ago

    Most so-called A.I. isn’t.
    Just expanding perameters of if…then…
    isn’t A.I.
    That speaking internet search engine device isn’t A.I.

  • case MasterxL 1 year ago

    Max Headroom for the writers’ win.

  • John Browne 1 year ago

    You Democrat shills just don’t get it. Trump is looking forward to the indictment.

  • Reeza Gibbons 1 year ago

    My boy got the Whitest:)

  • Sachita 1 year ago

    We all owe Sen. Whitehouse, who does see evil and doesn’t let it go.

  • Cory ryder 1 year ago

    if i cant make it to washroom i will pee in public instead of peeing in public in your pants

  • Mama1974 1 year ago

    He still thinks a cognitive test is an IQ test…TFG is the leader of the right…


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