Trump’s Incompetence and Corruption on Display as Hurricane Nears: A Closer Look



  • ansahs ansah 2 years ago

    And some people still like this, this i guess humanoid.

  • Zahirah A. 2 years ago

    I learn about category five hurricanes from Twister

  • G Macka 2 years ago

    Trump has obviously spent TOO much time in Colombia.
    Never seen a president have such a massive brain “FARC” before.

  • KLM 2 years ago

    That Pence re-boot lasted <5 seconds.
    I can report that it was very satisfying.
    On the
    1-best POTUS#, & Tiffany-DJTJ scales; that was a solid 46-Ivanka!
    It's many more seconds pleasure, than I ever imagined he'd ever be the object of!

  • Adam K 2 years ago

    A Closer Look about Trump always struck me as an oxymoron. Or about any Republican. Repubs are by definition shallow and cruel.

  • Dave Wetzel 2 years ago

    Dump trump he’s a chump

  • Ms. Kuchisaké 2 years ago

    Gary knew.

  • Jared Lupin 2 years ago

    A nice warm cookie for tanight ??

  • First Last 2 years ago

    Okay so trump should of been of the front lawn arm wrestling the hurricane

  • Dante Legacy 2 years ago

    This is too much, LMAO!!! Never heard of a Hurricane category 5.

  • Stoned Ewok 2 years ago

    I’v missed you, Seth 🙂 Welcome back

  • Tina Marie 2 years ago

    Shoot, you think that’s funny, when his aide got fired for revealing he doesn’t like posing in pictures with his daughter Tiffany because he thinks she too fat to be in pictures with him, I was shocked, I’d didn’t know he had another daughter named Tiffany, and then to save face, he starts bragging about her, literally first time I ever heard him even mention her, yeah, it’d be a whole lot more convincing to mention it when your not concerned about your reputation.

  • gamanin8 2 years ago

    There’s the DiSTRICT of Columbia.

  • Patrick O'Neill 2 years ago

    “A Closer Look” is my favorite late night segment. Wish I can see Seth live.

  • Sylvia Amador 2 years ago

    One to bring in an border, right. He probably does even know how to pinpoint on map. On Category 5, remember he can only count to 3. From now on we’ll have to look for that “asterisk *”, along with the disclaimer. On losing wealth, he hasn’t lost it, he has found it and is pocketing it. Oh, we heard of stupidity > 5, we had just never experienced it.

  • johnson king 2 years ago

    vote third party

  • Andreja Calibri 2 years ago

    His words are gross enough, but to see how much he spits when he talks is disgusting. Then consider that he’s standing near the helicopter, blowing that spit all over the place. Reporters should be getting hazard pay.

  • D Kay 2 years ago

    Seth preaches hate speech!!! I demand this channel be removed for its hateful and offensive content please. And by the way I am a trans female, I just dont support offensive content of any sort !

  • KingBobXIV 2 years ago

    6:00 – no, the best part of that montage was the clip at the rally where he just says, “category 5 hurricane…”, pauses, and everyone starts cheering because that’s what they’ve been programmed to do when he pauses.
    Like… yay, category five! We set the high score, woo!

  • Bea FreeAll 2 years ago

    the district of columbia (D.C.) lol…the Columbia River….


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