Trump’s Inauguration: This Is Really Happening

Published on January 20, 2017

Donald Trump flew down to D.C. Thursday on a plane that looked eerily like Air Force One, and when we say “flew” we don’t mean he flew the plane. You wouldn’t want to trust something that important to someone with zero experience.

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  • Why you gotta go there 2 years ago

    Well here it is. Trump is going to be America’s president, and we will see
    how much of the world is affected by this forest fire. So many strange
    moments trump has shown me up to this point, but my favourite has to be
    when he said to his supporters”With me I will have this country saying
    Merry Christmas again” and getting thunderous applauds. It really showed
    the minds of his supporters to me.

    – Wanting to Ban all Muslims? Yay!
    – Wanting to build a wall that will serve as nothing, but a fuck you to a
    neighbouring country? Yay!
    – Saying when people come from Mexico most are rapists? Yay!
    – Saying a judge can’t do his job because of his Hispanic heritage? Yay!
    – Saying to the mother of a dead American solider that who was silent in
    front of the picture of her dead son “She probably, wasn’t allowed to have
    anything to say. You tell me” because she was Muslim? Yay!
    – Having the The Justice Department suing your company twice for not
    renting to black people? Yay!
    – Re-tweeting white supremacists? Yay!

    But… saying Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas? IT’S A WAR!!! YOU

  • Moy510 2 years ago

    Hungry for Power Games tomorrow

  • pure life 2 years ago

    IF STEPHEN IS a devout chriSTIAN then why is he a liberal?

  • Adam Tak 2 years ago

    Damn 8 years went by so quickly. I remember when Obama got elected like it
    was yesterday. I was 13 and playing Maplestory, selling items in the market
    place. I was with my guild as well, and I remember spamming those bubble
    things about his win. Those were the good days.

  • Crazy 88 2 years ago

    Oligarch run government incoming for Murica. Good luck

  • eL graPa 2 years ago

    wow. america you are fucked.

  • fidorover 2 years ago

    Tradition dictates that after being sworn in, the song *Hail to the Chief*
    is played for the new president. In light of recent events, that classic
    song will be replaced today with the more appropriate *From Russia With

  • DFluent 2 years ago

    just a Canadian eating popcorn watch the us comedy special

  • KingOfMadCows 2 years ago

    Build up our military? To what? We already spend more on our military than
    the next 8 countries combined and 6 of those countries are our allies. We
    spend more of our budget on the military than anything else. And nuclear
    weapons and the Department of Homeland Security aren’t even counted as a
    part of defense spending.

  • mr dinkleberg 2 years ago

    america spread your legs wide , your about to be fucked like never before ,
    and that’s saying a lot .

  • uday 2 years ago

    its very obvious the overenthusiastic crowd is paid to make noise for every
    unfunny line colbert speaks

  • Lego Insomniac 2 years ago

    I remember seeing Obama win the election in 08. Even as a kid I understood
    it was a big deal. It’s been a privilege to grow up with him as POTUS, to
    grow my political knowledge and passion so that by the time he left office,
    I could be truly, deeply saddened. From the bottom of my heart, Thanks

  • Bad Hombre 2 years ago

    I wonder how long until Pence becomes the 46th president.

  • David Reyes 2 years ago

    *I bet Trumpanzee is attacking someone on Twitter as we watch this video.*

  • AWildNintenerd 2 years ago

    Rick Perry failed meat class too

  • lakes 2 years ago

    So basically… we’re all gonna die? Fucking finally

  • Brenda Matthews 2 years ago

    Well, your buddies will be out of office.

  • Phero 2 years ago

    Silly Colbert, F-14s were retired in 2006.

  • Mubashir Mehmood 2 years ago

    The memes and funny videos are going to be the most memorable thing about
    Trumps reign

  • ani625 2 years ago

    We’re gonna get nuclear sheep missiles! Baaaaaaaaaaa


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