Trump’s Inauguration Is Now Under Investigation

Published on February 7, 2019

It was the largest audience to ever witness crimes related to an inauguration, PERIOD.

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  • Jes Ewers 1 year ago

    There’s this thing that every human suffers (well, most) — it’s that we prefer comfort over discomfort. I’m sure you’re familiar with that relatively easy concept. We’ve all been there. I prefer to be warm over cold. I’m sure many feel the same. For others, they’d rather be cool than hot. Equally valid from their point of view. And as long as the temperatures aren’t extreme, there’s nothing wrong with either perspective.

    It’s when the temperatures reach extremes that it becomes dangerous. And when our preference for comfort over discomfort becomes less meaningful. You see, the problem is we are much like frogs. We don’t notice small changes really. Huge drastic changes, yes. Small step by step ones, not so much. Either because we don’t notice, or don’t want to.

    But this isn’t about temperatures, is it? It’s about attitudes, and political positions. The problem is, the same fundamental truth applies. People will accept small changes to the worldview of their party, so long as the party gives them the comfort of belonging. But, we often don’t notice just when that line is crossed. When we’ve taken too many small steps towards the extremes. Like watching the moon while on an escalator — you won’t notice you are moving, because you are so far removed from your point of reference.

    So I think there’s something that can be said here that may help:

    Trump is waaaaaaaaaay over the line, but then he’s always moving in that direction. And at first it was easy for supporters to stomach, because the differences were small, and he hadn’t moved to such an extremes position yet. But he has now. And most of his base has moved with him. They are watching the moon folks, they will never notice how far removed they are from their original place. And because they’ve never seen the moon move, they stand firm that they haven’t either. Because from their chosen perspective, the evidence they choose to see, they haven’t.

    So let them ride that escalator folks, right off the edge. They can’t be saved, because they don’t want to. They’ll boil themselves alive the same way a frog lets himself boil. And we have to let them, because they are as children — and sometimes you have to let children fail. But with children, responsible parents mitigate the damage. Lock them in their room and ground them. It’s time to lock Donnieboy in his room and ground him. We must be the adults in the room, and send him to his room — in a federal penitentiary.

  • Gal Dagon 1 year ago

    Postal inspectors are the most competent and professional Law Enforcement Agency in the U.S. Ask any prosecutor. Those people don’t play.

  • Evan Hayford 1 year ago

    Trump is a real bad dude!

  • Luna 1 year ago

    Stephen learning about a show on his network is gold

  • GhostBX 718 1 year ago

    Just googled the inspectors… Its actually a real show… ?

  • William Froh 1 year ago

    Make America Great Again Impeach Trump.

  • Shawn Barrett 1 year ago

    can u make report on recycling & other hot topics worth way more that 107 mln
    nice to have agents it helps because of business contracts, just need to make sure these people do not blackmail fair competition 4 projects.
    i like to know about Israel how much help they expect
    and about what?

  • daniel thangari 1 year ago

    I expected colbert to also mention that the same Imaad Zuberi was also a donor for both Obama and the Clinton’s.. Can they investigate that as well.

  • Lachlan Ainsworth 1 year ago

    Didn’t Colbert do a clip on ‘The Inspectors’ a year or two ago? Or was that ‘Last Week Tonight’?

  • Kaunte 1 year ago

    Am I the only one who finds the band leaders noises incredibly annoying in these monologues?

  • JCS 1 year ago

    i need a like idiot from the anoninous likes.

  • Jeff Keith 1 year ago

    A hundred MILLION dollars for an inauguration? Fifty MILLION? What the hell do they do at an inauguration? Pay people ten grand to turn up and wave?

  • gabriel vega 1 year ago

    so the inspectors are like the Ghostwriter but whitout the ghost?

  • flipmaya 1 year ago

    Now we know Colbert doesn’t watch John Oliver.

  • Pars S 1 year ago

    Guilty people can’t keep their mouth shut and end up stirring up shit. Like Trump lying about his inauguration turnout.

  • Brave Stone 1 year ago

    Who’s Immad Zubari?

  • mjc0961 1 year ago

    Huh? Is there a 3 Doors Down album I missed somewhere? I didn’t get that joke at all.

  • Rowan Fawcett 1 year ago

    0:37 – I have to correct you on that Stephen. That is a large crowd, its just a large portion of them are wearing white hoods.

  • rymdalkis 1 year ago

    I really don’t like the hair jokes about Trump. Yes, he’s had flap surgery and what not. Yes, it looks absolutely ridiculous. But there are millions of men out there who are self-conscious about their hair loss and to make fun of Trump’s hair is rude and mean not only to Trump but to everyone who suffers from hair loss and tries to hide it. Trump’s combover has nothing to do with him being a narcissistic asshole


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