Trump’s Impeachment Lawyers Argue He Can Do Whatever He Wants: A Closer Look

Published on January 30, 2020

Seth takes a closer look at the president and his lawyers going from arguing that there was no quid pro quo to arguing that the president can do literally whatever he wants.

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  • a b 2 years ago

    We have a national emergency in the Fox News comment section, everyone has lost 95% of their brain cells.

  • Singye Dorji 2 years ago

    Such a lame show

  • k'inich janaab' pacal 2 years ago

    so republican want to make America a one party authoritarian system.

  • Gerald Miller 2 years ago

    Cruz has no controls

  • Nez-Gars 2 years ago

    People are laughing but I feel like they shouldn’t?

  • graphosxp 2 years ago

    You can build a trampoline with all the rubber checks Trump is going to use as payment for Sekulow , Dershowitz and Starr after this is all over!

  • fabien delavie 2 years ago

    FYI, Quid pro quo is a latin expression and it is not used properly in English.. For English speakers, it means one thing for another, an exchange.. But in Latin languages, such as French, it refers to a misunderstanding, I think that it´s an important thing to know because i didn´t understand what you were talking about, didn´t make sense and i had to look it up…

  • Tiffany Sullivan 2 years ago

    If Trump did have an Epiphany, she’s probably still working at the tittybar if Seth needs an interview. ??

  • Tim M 2 years ago

    So the guy who spams youtube with ads asking for donations to ask for Schiffs resignation is officially above the law. This is going to end so well.

  • Cary Billey 2 years ago

    President Trump is the reason why Socrates said the average citizen should not be allowed to vote.

  • Michael Lake 2 years ago

    Pam Bondi is a Kate McKinnon character waiting to happen.

  • Jim Vento 2 years ago

    Trump sucks, that’s true. However, Biden IS corrupt, his son IS a crackhead, and his gas company job was a sham. Let’s at the very least be truthful.

  • L T 2 years ago

    if they acquit trump all bets are off and he gets re-elected kiss democracy goodbye

  • Dexter Morgan 2 years ago

    Shame! It’s time for Democrat who has some soul left!

  • Istdoch Allesegal 2 years ago

    Let’s “fondly” remember this beaut, which preceded his Article 2 nonsense: “I could walk down 5th Avenue, shoot someone, and I still wouldn’t lose any votes”

  • Curious World 2 years ago

    The terrible and sad fact is that none of the facts, nothing in the rule of law or the Constitution matters. The Republican Senate had decided to acquit Mr. Trump before the impeachment articles ever reached this point. He literally could have shot someone in the middle of 5th Ave., and their arguments would have been exactly the same: he didn’t do it, and if he did, it doesn’t matter because we’re determined to keep him in the White House. If, God forbid, he’s reelected, democracy and the Constitution die. They’re on their last breath, as is.

  • McK 2 years ago

    “I have an Article two”

    Two Corinthians

    The number 2 has not been kind to this President.

  • Team Colby is the way to go 2 years ago

    Wishh wash wah!

  • Aneese Hamudi 2 years ago

    Best one yet lolololololol

  • Christy Cockrell 2 years ago

    Just ❤️❤️❤️


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