Trump’s Impeachment Lawyers Are Very Bad: A Closer Look

Published on February 10, 2021

Seth takes a closer look at Senate Republicans sticking with former President Donald Trump in his second impeachment trial despite the House impeachment managers’ powerful evidence and the fact that Trump’s lawyers are very bad.

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  • nofaithjusthope 3 years ago

    I think tRUMPS defense attorney Bruce Castor could say anything…even tRUMP is guilty of the charge of insurrection and the majority if the Republican Senators would still acquit tRUMP.
    Many of these Republican Senators have already made up their minds and some have even said they’ll vote against convicting tRUMP…so much for the sworn oath of office they all took.
    You could bet a million dollars IF it was Hillary or Obama and not tRUMP they would convict in a heartbeat. I’d like to hear Lindsey Graham say how he wouldn’t do that…yeah right Lindsey.

  • Annie 3 years ago

    That’s what happens when you burn every bridge you cross. Trump doesn’t pay and he tells the lawyers how to do their job instead of taking advice.

  • Anton Lords 3 years ago

    Shoen is a horrible lawyer, and quite possibly a moron.
    Due process? What does he think a trial is?

  • Felipe Arasanz 3 years ago

    haha love Seth’s Pilot guy

  • James Kirkland 3 years ago

    Wait a minute. Trump’s taxes are released and he’s found to be broke. Trump is eligible for legal aid. Only in America.

  • Doobie Woman 3 years ago

    Donald can still stand in the middle of 5th Ave…

  • James Byun 3 years ago

    There’s a real danger if Trump goes free. The next wannabe autocrat may not be as dumb.

  • Insignificant360 3 years ago

    Baby Cheesus’s lawyers know they don’t have to be competent when acquittal by his disciples in the Senate is guaranteed.

  • Torrance Kilcoyne 3 years ago

    “My name is ________ and I’m here to say…” That joke needs to die. KILL IT. It doesn’t matter what “your version” is, or how clever the second half of the line is, it’s the same joke. And it’s a joke that’s been told for well over 30 years now. Please stop. Please. Stop.

  • rvpstudioscanada 3 years ago

    This *SHOULD BE* a *CRIMINAL* case, with a *REAL* Jury and Judge.
    Let’s be *HONEST* here. The Republicans are *SO CORRUPT* .. they should *NOT* BE part of the Jury at all! This *WHOLE IMPEACHMENT* scene is a *JOKE* to Republicans.
    Like a scene from Matlock.

  • Hayder Abdulridha 3 years ago

    The lawyers need Electrolytes.

    (Idiocracy reference)

  • Compassionate Curmudgeon 3 years ago

    I love that the video title is pretty much trump speak. BAD VERY BAD

  • John Boettcher 3 years ago

    Cartoonishly bad

  • Erich Gruber 3 years ago

    Donut butter

  • LoveCaliforniasDiversity Diversity 3 years ago

    Can this get any weirder? first, put up with the Asshole for 4yrs, and just when we get rid of him, bang! we still have to listen to all this and he will still get off, sick sick sick sick

  • Jonathan Mayor 3 years ago

    Unbelievable; so US democracy, far from being safe, still exists in a knife edge.

  • EMc 3 years ago

    Lead prosecutor…got that right, at least

  • Interglacial Optimist 3 years ago

    A stable insurrectionist

  • pfink70 3 years ago

    Sounds like Trump better call Saul.


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