Trump’s Illegal Indoor Rally & A COVID-positive College Party | The Daily Social Distancing Show

Published on September 14, 2020

Facebook comments come to life at a Utah anti-mask protest, college students can’t grasp the meaning of quarantine, and Trump holds an illegal superspreader rally in Nevada. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #Coronavirus

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  • Ameya Joshi 2 years ago

    bro but also gigantic blm rallies are fine? not everyone there was wearing a mask

  • fiddlefancier 2 years ago

    The law and order president.

  • Adelaida Cannon 2 years ago

    Everyday we stray farther from..

  • Jasmine Spicer 2 years ago

    Ya my alma mater…. Not really surprised this happened

  • Teanna Amerson 2 years ago

    I really don’t understand how you can still support trump after all the pain he has caused. 200,000 people lost their lives. 200,000 families will never get to see their loved ones again. Where is his compassion? Where is his guilt? Trump is a murderer and it’s his country, the US, letting him get away with it because of their blind ignorance. It’s sad, really.

  • Akiiren 2 years ago

    That Nigerian accent was on point

  • Vance Biondo 2 years ago

    Just thory means ?👈 one of these. That the elite leaders and elite are killing the citizens of nations with ELWCTRO MAGNETIC METERIAL CLOKED . MICROWAVING UNDER A COVER OF A LIE COVID? HUH

  • Lukas 2 years ago

    Okay but can we talk about ICE and how they forcing hysterectomies on Mexican women?

  • Christina Estrada 2 years ago

    I cant with this anymore so frustrated…. this world everyday gets worse and worse… when is someone going to stand up to this guy…. someone in power…. someone that can make a difference and get him out of office… I appreciate all u do with ur platform… but people that follow this man are blind and deaf…. uhhhhh its so clear to me..

  • Jackie Smith 2 years ago

    What a bunch of dumb ass people, really comparing George Floyd to wearing a mask. That is disgusting. I never realized how many stupid people there are in this country and the King of stupid is our president.

  • Evil Lyn 2 years ago

    Hmmm, I wonder how long until Covid cases start popping up in Nevada? We may as well start calling him Typhoid Trump.

  • Michael Finnicum 2 years ago

    My white privilege is far beyond other regular white peoples.

  • Darryl Carnell 2 years ago

    Give the protesters to mask free brain scans, I’ll bet they are the demographic that is the 20% to 25% that have a brain parasite, no shit man, I cant prove it, but I’m pretty sure I’m right.

  • mae ann 2 years ago

    What is the opposite of “when GREAT minds meet”? 😂😂

  • Cap'n Salam 2 years ago

    🎶I was proud to be an American, back when people did the right thing. And I won’t forget the ones who died because Republicans wouldn’t quarantine. So I’ll sadly stand back away from you and the people of the right wing. ‘Cause there ain’t no masks across the land, So much for the U.S.A.🎶

  • The Ripper 2 years ago

    I have NEVER seen such stupidity. Wtf America????

  • Llib Nos 2 years ago

    Guy supposed to be arrested. Colorless priviledge

  • Ruby Hubbard 2 years ago

    Very happy 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

  • Akmal Hafiz 2 years ago

    You know, I’m starting to feeling that some American are totally idiots to begin with. If you are positive for coronavirus, inviting people to party at your house or asking them to visit you are not even supposed to be your last thing to do! What’s wrong with this people!

  • Oracle of Dephi 2 years ago

    @1111 I don’t believe in the United States Constitution or the way that it was founded and ran from the very beginning I don’t believe in the history the history doesn’t believe in me and the way that I’ve been treated and how I self-educated and informed myself of all the small details of the history of this country and of the states has told me that there is more than meets the eye and the bad people have great power and money and I can’t trust any form of authority that the human race is coming up with on this planet so as long as I live here I want to follow my gut and my gut tells me we’re all going to catch this that Mother nature has the upper hand and that’s who I should be trusting so to tell you the truth the millennials privilege is not just White privilege but youth privilege he doesn’t give a f*** all the older unhealthy people who made bad decisions can die because the future is the force burning and possibly nothing more left for these kids~~~


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