Trump’s Gone… Party At The White House!

Published on May 20, 2017

Escaping his plummeting approval rating at home, President Trump is heading across the pond to some other countries that view him unfavorably.

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  • Annie parker 3 years ago

    I’m throwing a yuuugge party if trump and his toupee get impeached. Ladies and Gentlemen, everyone is invited in advance yay!

  • Akseer Khan 3 years ago

    Impeach the peach!

  • kedge 3 years ago

    Trump is gone. can we close the airports on his way back 🙂

  • Hriday Tulsianj 3 years ago

    I’m early, let me think of a joke

    Donald Trump

  • R1 3 years ago

    Whoa, I’m early! Fuck Donald Drumph. Take him, Turkey – nobody cares what you do with him.

  • I feel It 3 years ago

    trump is so bad I couldn’t stand him before but now I’m getting 2nd hand embarrassment from him

  • irfan sha 3 years ago

    Hey I am early….

  • John Cena 3 years ago

    Trump is to the presidency what peace is to the Middle East…

  • Donald J. Trump 3 years ago

    I’m just gone for the weekend.

  • Sophia N 3 years ago

    Are Trump supporters feeling regret yet?

  • Sebastian Lac 3 years ago

    History taught us, that the only way a President of the USA to rally the whole country behind him, is to start a war. Trump greatest moment were the day of his inauguration after his speech and the day after he mother bombed Syria. He remembers it. Donald Trump is cabable of doing anything, anything to keep him in office. Even starting a nuclear war with North Korea and dragging whole Asia into war and destruction. And if the USA is at war, it is the obligation of every patriotic American to stand behind the Chief in Command. This is what Trump needs. Desperately.

  • Diganta Rashed 3 years ago

    This is the most effective use of clickbait for those who don’t thoroughly follow the news
    Anyone seeing the title would be incredibly happy, only to get their hopes crushed and then lifted again to realize Trump’s at least gone for a weekend

  • Captain Obvious 3 years ago

    *Trump goes to Muslim country*
    *Steps up to podium on stage*
    “We’re not letting you guys in!!”
    *Runs away and runs back on jet*
    “Quick! Go! Go! Go!”

  • Will Tai 3 years ago

    $20 that Trump accidentally thinks Saudi Arabia is a character from Aladdin

  • Eric Ling 3 years ago

    Tired of winning yet?

  • Dribrom Sunrock 3 years ago

    Well most betting sites have a 50/50 odds on trump getting impeached now 😀

  • SNEAKxxATTACK 3 years ago

    oh I really don’t want Mark Pants as the president..

  • Phoenix Furbaby 3 years ago

    damn, I saw the title of this and was very disappointed when I watched it ?

  • Alex Chen 3 years ago

    The title lead me to believe Trump got impeached

  • LoneWolfMa5ter 3 years ago

    I bet he’ll talk about his “achievements” to the people over there.


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