Trump’s ‘Friend’ Kim Jong Un Is Becoming A Movie Supervillain

Published on June 14, 2019

The President continues to speak warmly about the dictator in North Korea who recently killed one of his own generals by tossing him into a piranha filled fish tank. #LSSC #Colbert #Monologue

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  • John sweda 1 year ago

    Melania trump has brought him a blow up flag

  • mark harrowfield 1 year ago

    The great American Shakespeare

  • inspodreams 1 year ago

    I mean what I didn’t say and I didn’t say what I said, believe me.

  • mljh11 1 year ago

    Stephen says nothing happened since Singapore… Look I’m politically liberal and really detest Trump too, but if you live in Asia like I do, you’d all appreciate Kim putting a stop to all his missile tests. I doubt most fans of this channel can fully understand the relief that normal everyday Japanese and Koreans feel about this, i.e. not having ballistic missiles fly over their heads.

  • Anna Must 1 year ago

    Trump: It’s okay to accept information on rival candidates from foreign governments.

    Sarah Huckabee Sanders: I’m OUT!

  • Shawn Cezanne 1 year ago

    Kim Jong-un killed everyone of his negotiators from the second summit and threw a general into a piranha filled fish tank…and Trump is suddenly in dick worship over Kim’s warmth and kindness. WTF is sprinkled on that birthday letter? Mind-control acid? Kim was the same guy who had his half brother poisoned in an airport with a nerve agent. He’s a soulless killer and Trump wants to align himself and our country with the likes of him by saying they’re great pals? Why are we allowing our president to cahoot with genocidal dictators like Kim Jong-un, Putin, and Xi Jonping?
    Meanwhile he is publicly inviting them to screw our most sacred democratic process, destroy our economy, make a mockery of our government, and trample our Constitution. It’s time for Trump to go! Impeach!

  • Luis Abarca 1 year ago

    If Donald Trump is The Worst President in US History (judgement I agree 100%)… How we are going to look into the legacy of Barak Obama, the president who helped to create the social, economical and political conditions for Trump being elected?… Remember folks, Obama and Joe Biden were there, eight years in charge of everything and both were encouraging and cheering up Hillary all the way to 2016. Obama rescued Hillary from political extintion in 2008, giving her the Secretary of State job, which only sharpened her ambitions. Why is everyone avoiding to look into those sobering Historical facts?

  • Aweysville 4 1 year ago

    So let me see if I got this right, if you kill/execute someone for treason it’s considered murder?

  • The Hand 1 year ago

    Grrumph. That’s the Trump said something noise. But every marginally informed person knew a Trump administration would not be about intelligence.

  • inkblotCrisis 1 year ago

    Wait, he isn’t already?

  • Courage Karnga 1 year ago

    And as Donald seems to wish to emulate his “friends,” I fear we shall soon see even worse forms of this cartoon villainy.

  • mori1bund 1 year ago

    Yay, flag sex! I wonder what trump is doing with the flag pole…

    That’s right! I made you picture that in your head.
    You’re welcome! ??

  • dans h 1 year ago

    The piranhas would spit out kim un jong and the orange buffoon. That’s how disgusting this two morons are even to the scavengers like piranha.

  • Addison Ricketts 1 year ago

    I remember in 7th grade my Teach knew I wasnt paying attention and she said “What is ‘Euthanasia’?” And with a straight face I looked up and said “It’s close to Vietnam.”
    She laughed so hard and I felt so dumb…
    Now that I’m an adult I can say my younger dumbass self should have been paying attention but I appreciate the solid effort with the false geographical statement like I really knew what I was talking about

  • TheTruthIsRacist 1 year ago

    Colbert is Garbage.

  • the last of the lemmings 1 year ago

    Anyone else catch that?
    …….the thumbnail??

  • Wecan Dobetter 1 year ago

    The president we need for the future!

  • Tony Gunk 1 year ago

    Just think of what this says about Trumpian supporters dot dot dot yikes

  • Steven Cooper 1 year ago

    Dear American friends, I’m French and no-one here can understand why this terrible POTUS is still in office. Please, please for the sake of world peace, and your otherwise great reputation ; get rid of him!

  • QuietStorm4964 1 year ago

    That sir, was puntastic.


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