Trump’s First Term SCOTUS Appointments | The Daily Show

Published on October 13, 2020

Neil Gorsuch. Brett Kavanaugh. Amy Coney Barrett. Trump has undoubtedly had a major influence on the make-up of the Supreme Court. Here’s a review of his first term appointments. #DailyShow #Trump #TrevorNoah



  • DEADSHOT VP 7 months ago

    Trevor back at it 🔥😂😭

  • blue4me43 7 months ago

    Well, We the People can’t Respect and feel dignified by Traitor evil Impeached #45 and Traitor GOP’s appointed SCOTUS. All 3 of them just got only 51 or 52 to get on SCOTUS that tells us what Criminal mind they have. Karma will be not good to them and traitor GOP’s.

  • Benjamin Gal-Or 7 months ago

    <<>> One moment to think please <<>> World Winner, COUNTRY HERO against C-VIRUS should be carefully assessed, less “unwise politics”, to save a million lives: Singapore: Total death 27, prolonged Zero Daily death, Fatality Rate 0.05 (v. U.S. 2.75)]. <> Assessing is experimental, not final, but its aim, scope and use can save the lives of a million in various countries, especially of nursing-homes, care-centers remnants, etc. <> “Dedicated Funds” [‘stimulus’ too?] aimed to save life at new, high-quality, country-side, fresh-air-areas [motels, hotels, tent centers], to stop-reduce fatality-rates [study why WHO reversed? Now against simple locking]. 
    Various new regulations may apply, like Wider-Distancing, No visitors, Best-Food-Medicine, etc. – Partly cared by [same?] care givers? <> “Pilot Black-Out-Prevention” also helps reduce heart/brain damages [2 books at ”in”, Amazon, Google-Search, explain rate of O2-in/CO2-out of the blood via square-root of pressure-difference across lung membranes times their total area, is done via deep-air-in, pressure-hold-10-sec, then strongest-cough-vacuum-out CO2 (strong coughs may help too)]. Naturally one-liners don’t care: “Russian concentration camps”, “Mid-Summer dream” Enough said>

  • Tino Mertens 7 months ago

    Once, when traveling to the USA is possible again, it will be like a Retro tour to the 1800 hundreds.

  • Nathan Foster 7 months ago

    Trumpers and other far rightists say it was proven that Ford was lying and that their were witnesses that Brett wasn’t at the party and another told me that Ford’s friend admitted she was lying. I never heard any of this.

  • Julie B 7 months ago

    This should scare us: “Judge Barrett said that, ‘Gays have a right to be discriminated against because they are against God’s Wishes and that White People are God’s Chosen People”. Let that sink in.
    “PoliFact: What social media posts get wrong about Am Barrett’s religious beliefs”

  • Hippie’s Hive 7 months ago

    Watched Reversing Roe on Netflix last night, making me feel that this next appointment is going to prove detrimental for women’s rights. It was an infuriating doc to watch. There were things I didn’t know about how it shaped politics and it still plays a major role.

  • sharper110 7 months ago

    This news media and the democratic party is under the total control of Satan and his evil agencies. All designed for the destruction of our country so that Christianity, democracy, and freedom cannot exist here. This is Satan’s way of taking more control of this world. See II Cor 4:3-4, I John @, and I Peter 5:8. America is at a crossroads.

    Unbelievers cannot believe in God because they have separated themselves from Him by their sins. God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble. James 4:6, I Peter 5:5. God said in Jeremiah @, when you seek me you shall find me when you seek me with all your heart”. The problem that these people have is that they have never sought God / Jesus with all their heart. This is why they do not know God and reside in the spiritual Kingdom of Darkness where Satan rules and plays with unbelievers like puppets on a string. Blinding them so that they cannot see Jesus Christ, as Satan has an arsenal of tricks, devices, and smokescreens which he deploys.

    The first people who became Christians took place on the day of Pentecost in Acts 2 when Peter’s preaching convicted many of those gathered there of their sin. When they asked Peter what they should do about their sin Peter said to them as recorded in Acts @ ” Repent and be baptized everyone of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of your sins and you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. On that day 3,000 obeyed and God added them to the Church also known as the Spiritual body of Christ. This is still in effect today for those who want to be saved, entering in through the door of the Kingdom which is Jesus Christ

  • The Zombie Whisperer 7 months ago

    I’m an American not just American but Native American, these Supreme Court judges are not going to decide whether I can do something or not, this is not North Korea or the Middle East

  • Starlight 7 months ago

    As a person who was 17 just two years ago …at 17 youre old enough to be held liable for assaulting someone. It should one hundred percent exclude from being chosen its not like he has changed if he doesn’t even show remorse.

  • Dr. Braxy Gilkey Cruises 7 months ago

    (at what? I don’t know. just wanted to say that. Carry on!)

  • Akshat Srivastava 7 months ago

    i don’t get it I thought judges are supposed to be neutral and whatever they decide it is based on existing laws not on their own personal beliefs. America is really different I guess 🤷

  • kathy Clarke 7 months ago

    Are we back in 2017?

  • Fay Shelton 7 months ago

    Statute of Limitations has to go!!!
    Young men should get a second chance AFTER accepting the legal penalty and consequences… victims are scarred for LIFE, it murders the soul. Most drug addictions, eating disorders and suicides have to do with sexual abuse in childhood…

  • John Chessant 7 months ago

    I really don’t like how you titled this as “first term SCOTUS appointments”…

  • Rishi Anand 7 months ago

    Wait is he back on set?

  • GLAMOR SOCIAL 7 months ago

    Trump has brought our nation to ruin with his inability to take any action or help Americans pay rent, utilities, buy food. Mitch McConnell has no problem with these annoyances which are the realities of everyday life. He and his wife are fabulously wealthy just like trump and many trump supporters. The cost of bread and milk means nothing to them but it’s a big deal when the pocketbook is empty. And no way to fill it back up. The GOP is so far out of touch with everyday people. It’s nearly winter and people are being evicted because they have lost their jobs. Covid has ravaged our country yet McConnell & trump are only concerned with the Supreme Court and the elections. People are hitting the wall with no money coming in, unemployment running out, no jobs, families losing their homes, Covid infections prevalent everywhere. Make America Great Again? You’ve got to be kidding! This is a national disaster. We are sinking fast. What are people going to do? Vote for trump so that America keeps sinking? when will it hit reality for many of you? Trump needs to go McConnell needs to go #biden2021🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸💩🤡☠💀🤢🥵🤕🤧🥶🥵

  • Donna Livinglife 7 months ago


  • Huitchotl Begli 7 months ago

    What of Newsoms new pedophilia bullshit law????

  • steven H. 7 months ago

    His impression of trump is so cringe. Everything else is great though.


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