Trump’s Excuses Get More Insane As FBI Unseals Warrant | The Daily Show

Published on August 15, 2022

Updates from the Trump Mar-a-Lago raid including: what was in the FBI’s search warrant, what was in the boxes Trump took from the White House, and Trump’s litany of excuses ranging from blaming Obama to “everyone takes work home with them.” #DailyShow #Comedy #TrevorNoah



  • William DeLong 2 years ago

    I want Trump to take the extended visit to a secure bed and breakfast with lots of companions to keep him company.

  • iamspoonbender 2 years ago

    So, what I want to know is this. Who was trump going to sell this information to ?

  • wee cee 2 years ago

    This Trump issue is so serious I can’t even laugh

  • PyreFox 2 years ago

    I’ll take any excuse to have Trevor whip out his Obama impression! It’s so spot on! lol

  • H3nry1245 2 years ago

    So Trump didn’t have enough time to pack so he took the documents from the White House back home?

  • Suzan Douglass 2 years ago

    this explains why there is no capstone on the Great Pyramid. No top…

  • saijinkai 2 years ago

    orange traitor: “BUT BUT BUT… HIllary’s emails!! and and and Obama’s 30 million documents”.

  • Tim Trieu 2 years ago

    Trump wanted to share all nuclear weapons locations to our enemies?

  • iris punt 2 years ago

    Hahaha as kids we always knew we were in trouble whenever our mom used my or my sisters full name!

  • debbie s 2 years ago

    top got trevor in the loop

  • Name Less 2 years ago

    First it’s planted evidence than their declassified documents to Trumpists… How do you declassify planted documents?

  • Mind of a Dark Horse 2 years ago

    The shifting excuses keep on coming! That is the sign of a guilty mind!

  • Nck C 2 years ago

    Something to Note! If they really did sease his passports then he is on really big trouble aka a flight risk.

  • Js Hooper 2 years ago

    The craziest part is…Trump’s MAGA base will believe all those pathetic excuses and completely deny the truth and any facts. The excuses aren’t for us, they’re for his cult.

  • Alex LiNK 2 years ago

    9 hours

  • Mostly Good Stuff 2 years ago

    I thought Trump won the election in his own mind?


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