Trump’s Ex Lawyer Ty Cobb Caught Enjoying Punk Rock

Published on July 14, 2018

Ex-White House attorney Ty Cobb has found a quieter, calmer place to spend his days: on the punk rock scene.


  • Alaric Balthi 4 days ago

    So it came to pass that Drumpf the Wormtongue is going to meet his lord, who rules with iron fist and lures lesser men with promises of gold and power. We shall see what comes of this, my fellow hobbits!

  • Hylian Ticipated 4 days ago

    3 hours later for part 2 three minute monologue. Why.

  • Gremblo 4 days ago


  • Patrick Cuddy 4 days ago

    m/ :[ m/

  • camelshit 4 days ago

    ” Bootrumpian Rapacity ”

    Is this the real life?
    Is this just Trumplight Zone?
    Caught in a swampslide
    No return to reality
    Open your eyes
    Look up at the sun and tweet
    I’m such a void trump, I need much flattery
    Because I’m sleazy come, greasy go
    A little sly, little slow
    Anywhat the law says, doesn’t really matter to me, to me …….?

    -Loosely inspired by ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’, Queen

  • Kim Jong Fun 4 days ago

    Meanwhile Trump’s another lawyer Michael Cohen is facing literally hundreds of years of jail time. When he finally gets out, mankind would have already colonized Alpha Centauri.

  • Matthew Snider 4 days ago

    Granted, he’s still a Trump-world figure, so he deserves little sympathy, but I’ll admit: he projects an oddly fascinating persona. Between the Wilford Brimley look-alike visage, hilariously gussied-up threads, and (apparently) eclectic musical taste, he really should be a main character in a Tim Burton movie or something.

  • Dharma69 4 days ago

    Please tell me I’m not the only one who cued up Spotify…

    Those songs are so…real.

  • spinalcrackerbox 4 days ago

    This is what happens to you when you finally get away from Trump – you do the craziest shit just to feel sane again.

  • Billy Ma 4 days ago

    Oh please; NASA doesn’t have to collaborate to instil wonder into people. Merely doing their job os enough for some people, like me.

  • chri2453 4 days ago

    I want that song as a ring tone!

  • Snugglenuts Sir 4 days ago

    Butt drugs sounds a lot like 88 fingers Louis, back from the album 88 fingers up your ass.

  • Michael 19754 4 days ago

    You know, our orange wannabe dictator appoints the best people, tremendous people, really, believe me. Also, if he hadn’t that moustache I bet Trump wouldn’t have hired him.

  • Napoleon I Bonaparte 4 days ago

    Is doing butt drugs a post Trump Cabinet firing a tradition?

  • Feik Neyme 4 days ago

    I’m all for hating on Trump but who cares if this guy went to a punk/rock concert. Let him party in peace.

  • Bruce Aitken 4 days ago

    Try this: Have astronauts visit schools and hand out Peanut books to promote literacy.

  • Andrew Baumann 4 days ago

    I like Ty Cobb more and more everytime I hear about him (apart from the whole working for trump thing, that is).

  • aon10003 4 days ago

    I like Ty Cobb

  • Elmyda 1537 4 days ago

    Its obvious ty cobb suffered severe brain damage from his time with trump!

  • stiimuli 4 days ago

    At this point Cobb seems way too kewl to be associated with Trump.
    No wonder he had to leave.


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