Trump’s Easter War on ‘Radical Left Maniacs’ & Florida’s War on Critical Race Theory

Published on April 18, 2022

Jimmy’s seven-year-old daughter Jane has questions about the Easter Bunny, a lot of very scary bunny costumes are out there, Donald Trump put out several Easter messages and his son Donald Trump Jr. also spread the love, the Governor of Iowa tweeted and then deleted a message wishing Jewish Iowans a Happy Passover, the White House Easter Egg Roll made its triumphant return after a two year hiatus, the Florida Department of Education announced that the state has rejected dozens of math textbooks because they claim some make reference to Critical Race Theory, Roger Stone was captured on camera at Mar-A-Lago over the weekend, a man named Ramiro Alanis saw the newest Spider-Man movie 292 times in theaters, and in a last minute attempt to write off some things for tax purposes, we are proud to present the first annual Tax Day Parade!


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  • Pontificus Vascillious 1 year ago

    roger: “the others are bad”
    trump: “the others are bad”
    hannity: “the others are bad”
    ingrahm: “the others are bad”
    mtg: “the others are pedos”
    tucker: “wouldn’t any normal person see the others as bad?”

  • JAMES BORKHOLDER 1 year ago

    I see you are still obsessed with the best president ever Go Trump 2024

  • Aldo Matulich 1 year ago

    I guess you Progressives Don’t Get It. YOu have reverted to Bashing Trump. You are all missing the Imperative point of Your elected potus… As usual, Hidin Joe Biden. Yopu should put yopur “talents” in that direction. But I guess you are all looking to divert the 33% Approval Rating of the potus. I want to meet the 33% of people survey who gave this potus a Thumbs UP. Why don’t you do jokes about the Southern Border Invasion, yesterday Border agents picked up 27 people who are on the FBI’s Terrorist Watch list; The atrocity of the Afghan “pullout” ($82 Biilion of Military weaponry left to the Talliban and now the Chinese) ; INFLATION and it’s NOT PUTIN’S Inflation – Do you fact checkinng as to why and when it started.

  • Tiger Chu 1 year ago

    Lol Trump and Roger reminds me of Clayface and The Penguin

  • Liz Thompson 1 year ago

    Can we get new context and not talk about Trump all the time? I used to love your videos, Jimmy, but now they seem to mention Trump every single video.

  • Rochelle Parks 1 year ago

    Jimmy your a fraud all the unbelievable stuff that happened with Biden during the Easter egg hunt and you say NOTHING Biden being told what to do by the Easter bunny and you say NOTHING

  • Nick Gifford 1 year ago

    What’s with the weird cuts to the audience clapping for 2 seconds?

  • Alex Landherr 1 year ago

    When seeing how some U.S. States handle their education I find a a lot more respect for my own education in Sweden.

  • David Blum 1 year ago

    The spider man nerd guy isn’t unattractive, particularly compared to Jimmy.

  • Jamal 1 year ago

    Jimmy knows more about Passover than he does about Easter which is surprising considering he is a Catholic.

  • kaös 1 year ago

    Nothing to see here folks, just another video on trump from Jimmy Kimmel.

  • Prince of Determination & Video Mogul Black Star 1 year ago

    Wonder how long it took for them to realize that math and CRT have nothing in common

  • JAMES BORKHOLDER 1 year ago

    Whats with Jimmy Kimmels eyes? He looks conked out on something

  • David Smith 1 year ago

    DonnyJr is into some weird porn…..and drugs.


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