Trump’s Disregard For Human Life Has Resulted In 200K Deaths And CDC Guidance That Can’t Be Trust…

Published on September 22, 2020

As America’s Covid-19 death toll passes another grim milestone the devastating consequences of President Trump’s disregard for human life are still becoming clear, as they did this week when the CDC mysteriously removed guidance from their website indicating that the Coronavirus may transmit through aerosol droplets. #Colbert #CDC #Monologue

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  • Scott Dunning 1 month ago

    Take your hat off….just leave your bloody mask on!

  • JammastaJ23 1 month ago

    I really want to stop hearing about Trump…

  • Sitong Liu 1 month ago

    the airborn transmission nature of the virus was widely known in China early in March. US has some catch-up work to do

  • wot54321 1 month ago

    wow… big ups to the most corrupt democracy on the planet… just wow!

  • Alison W 1 month ago

    Trump even looks like a polyp that you’d love to have removed!

  • D truthing 1 month ago

    Anarchist jurisdiction are being anounced and soon the hunger games begin. First idiocracy came true and now… Is Hollywood planing all this?

  • jim Schleich 1 month ago

    “Buh-dee, buh-dee, that’s balls folks.” Oh you kid!

  • gryphonberlin 1 month ago

    I heard the masturbation joke they cut had something to do with Jarod Kushner and a porcupine.

  • Leoncio Gustavo Anaya Castellanos 1 month ago

    Love the shirt, just 👑

  • Helen Knapp 1 month ago

    Maybe the people at Good Year (who Trump said should be boycotted) have friends and family that won’t vote for him) 😃
    Vote Biden/Harris 2020🇺🇸

  • Brandon Rennie 1 month ago

    In all likelihood ur getting him or round 2,

  • Orly Yaakov 1 month ago

    So the Drumph administration learned something from Netanyahu – he’s been calling those of us who protest against his corruption anarchists for months now.

  • Jason Hayes 1 month ago


  • Michael Gman 1 month ago

    Trump only cares about one thing❗MAKING MONEY❗❗He doesnt care if the environment and people get destroyed in that process❗Making money is paramount to him. As soon as you stupid Trump supporters get that into your pea brain, the better for this country. 🇺🇸👍

  • lubfishin 1 month ago

    What a moron you’re not even funny anymore.

  • KesselRunner606 1 month ago

    Changing the facts to suit the reality of a pathalogical narcissist. What could go wrong?

  • John Keith 1 month ago

    Just checked the stats. The continent of Africa with a combined pop. of 1.2 billion, has had a coronavirus death toll of 34,000.
    Someone needs to tell Trump that the blacks and Muslims he loves to hate, from a bunch of “shithole countries”, have done a lot better than his administration.
    South Korea has done even better. Their coronavirus response was over 100 times more effective (per capita), than ours.

  • Dorothy Dean 1 month ago

    Trumps party sends me texts saying absentee ballots are “most secure” way to vote. Texts keep encouraging me to vote early.

  • Drew 1 month ago

    Dear Mr President,
    The fact that you dismiss science perplexes me, did the school you go to favor your lords protection and guidance?
    Wildfires burn, states flood, riots ensue, your people are sick, you separate people with racial propaganda and dismiss racism entirely.
    You sit in wait while the population dwindles rapidly. Conveniently, the majority of fatalities are pensioners and immigrants.
    Everyone knows you view them as an enemy to your “Booming Economy”. Every death is a dollar sign in his eyes.
    God bless America you say? Gods have blinded civilizations and leaders for ages, promises of eternal whatever for struggling folks money, religeous institutions are some of the most profitable businesses, The Vatican could single handedly end poverty.
    Science is what keeps us alive everyday not faith in a conflicted storybook character.
    Pray all you want, it wont help.
    Only science can save us.

  • Artemis Kitty 1 month ago

    If you’ve been to a McDonalds recently, you will know that yes, the golden M does indeed stand for “Mayhem” right now.


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